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03/04/2003   (PDF)Managing Patients with HIV

07/14/2006   (PDF)Cryoprecipitate Transfusion Dosing Table
07/14/2006   (PDF)Platelet Transfusion Dosing Table
07/14/2006   (PDF)Red Blood Cell Transfusion Dosing Table
07/14/2006   (PDF)Fresh Frozen Plasma Transfusion Dosing Table

11/19/2007   (PDF)Directed Donor Blood

02/19/2009   (PDF)RBC Phenotyping/Rh Phenotyping

05/19/2009   (PDF)Infants Less Than Four Months Old
05/19/2009   (PDF)Blood Component ABO Compatibility Chart
05/20/2009   (PDF)Computer Order Codes
05/20/2009   (PDF)Surgical Red Blood Cell Ordering Recommendations

02/27/2012   (PDF)Risks of Transfusion
02/27/2012   (PDF)Instructions for Placing Transfusion Orders
02/27/2012   (PDF)Patients Requiring Irradiated Blood Products
02/27/2012   (PDF)Direct Coombs Test
02/27/2012   (PDF)Patients Requiring Hemoglobin S Negative Red Cells
02/27/2012   (PDF)Transfusion Request HIS Codes

03/19/2012   (PDF)Identifying Patients With Special Blood Requirements
03/19/2012   (PDF)Emergency Use of Blood Components
03/19/2012   (PDF)Collection of Patient Specimens

09/12/2012   (PDF)Hold Tube for Blood Bank
09/12/2012   (PDF)Adverse Reactions to Transfusions

02/12/2013   (PDF)Platelet Antigen Typing

03/12/2013   (PDF)ABO Only
03/12/2013   (PDF)Type and Screen
03/12/2013   (PDF)Strategies for Platelet Refractory Patients
03/12/2013   (PDF)Antibody Screen
03/12/2013   (PDF)Blood Bank Additional Orders

02/17/2014   (PDF)Irradiated Blood
02/17/2014   (PDF)Transfuse (Less than 4 months)
02/17/2014   (PDF)Emergency Transfusion
02/17/2014   (PDF)Rh Only
02/17/2014   (PDF)Blood Products on Hold
02/17/2014   (PDF)Isohemagglutination Titer
02/17/2014   (PDF)Direct Coombs/Antibody Screen
02/17/2014   (PDF)Type and Direct Coombs
02/17/2014   (PDF)Newborn Type and Screen
02/17/2014   (PDF)Transfusion Blood Administration
02/17/2014   (PDF)Red Blood Cell Transfusion
02/17/2014   (PDF)Pretransfusion Testing Requirements
02/17/2014   (PDF)Granulocyte Transfusion
02/17/2014   (PDF)Transfusion Peer Review
02/17/2014   (PDF)FFP/FP (Thawed Plasma) Transfusion
02/17/2014   (PDF)Transfusion Reaction Evaluation
02/20/2014   (PDF)Guidelines For Transfusion

03/19/2014   (PDF)ABO/Rh

04/10/2014   (PDF)Antibody Identification, Red Cells

03/04/2015   (PDF)Platelet Transfusion
03/04/2015   (PDF)Cryoprecipitate Transfusion

04/16/2015   (PDF)Blood Components General Information

02/02/2016   (PDF)Platelet Associated Antibody
02/04/2016   (PDF)Autologous Transfusion
02/04/2016   (PDF)General Information - Transfusion Services
02/04/2016   (PDF)Platelet Crossmatch

04/06/2016   (PDF)Platelet Antibody
04/07/2016   (PDF)Granulocyte Antibodies

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