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Children’s Hospitals and Clinics located in Minneapolis and St Paul maintains a Transfusion Service to provide blood and blood components for routine and emergency transfusion of inpatients and outpatients. A Pathologist is available at all times for consultation and to approve special component requests.

The Transfusion Service is open 24 hours a day. Information concerning component availability, specimens and general information may be obtained by calling 612-813-6824 or 651-220-6558.


Reference Laboratory testing is referred to Memorial Blood Center, Minneapolis, MN. Emergency services are available.

Inquiries concerning special testing can be directed to Children’s Transfusion Service, 612-813-6824 or 651-220-6558.


Patients who meet minimum health requirements may want to use autologous blood whenever a procedure or treatment is likely to require blood transfusion. Donation requirements are less stringent than for other blood donors.

Some patients request that family and friends donate for them. Donors providing these “directed” donations must meet all routine donor requirements and their blood must be fully testing according to American Association of Blood Banks and Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Patients and their providers must request these special services and schedule donations well in advance of the expected date of use. At least three working days are required to process units. Additional fees are charged for the processing and tracking of these donations. Information packets, including required forms, are available from the Transfusion Service or the Blood Center.


Blood and blood components are purchased from the local blood centers: Memorial Blood Center of Minneapolis, MN and the American Red Cross-North Central Blood Services of St. Paul, MN. Blood and blood components are collected from volunteer donors. All donor screening and testing are conducted according to current FDA requirements. Please contact the Pharmacy regarding Albumin, Factor and Zoster Immune Globulin products.

Red cells and platelet blood components are leukocyte reduced pre-storage by the blood centers (Memorial Blood Center in Minneapolis and American Red Cross/North Central Blood Services in St. Paul). Children’s Hospitals and Clinics considers leukocyte reduced red cells and platelets to be CMV-safe. Leukocyte reduced red blood cells will be supplied routinely for transfusions. Whole blood is

unavailable. Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate with storage limits of less than 24 hours after preparation should be requested no more than one hour prior to the intended transfusion time, with the exception of pre-operative orders. The Blood Bank will call the patient unit when components are ready for transfusion.

An identified urgent need for blood or blood components will take priority over other blood orders. Notify the Transfusion Service of the urgency of the request so that a priority can be assigned to the request. If no difficulty is encountered in compatibility testing, routine orders for Red Blood Cells will be available within two hours after receipt of the order.


A crossmatched unit of blood may be held in the Blood Bank for a maximum of three days from the time the crossmatch specimen was collected. The component allocation will be cancelled at midnight. For example, if the Type and Screen sample was collected on the 4th day of the month at noon, any allocations of crossmatched units of blood would be cancelled at 23:59 (11:59 PM) on the 7th.

Blood components reserved for a patient are unavailable for other patients. Therefore, staff members should notify Blood Bank personnel if the components reserved will no longer be needed so that they can be used for other patients.

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