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An initial workup (Newborn Type and Screen or Type and Screen) requiring a minimum of 1.5 mL’s of blood is required prior to transfusion. After initial determination of ABO, Rh type and screening for unexpected antibodies, it is not necessary to repeat these tests during the infant’s hospital admission period. Consult with Transfusion Service personnel before collecting additional specimens from infants less than 4 months old.

Due to the small volume needs of newborns, the Transfusion Service provides blood products in volumes of ≤60 mL’s in prefiltered syringes. When ordering the blood components for these patients, the order should indicate the volume to be infused. The Transfusion Service will add an additional 7 mL’s for tubing when the order and blood product volume allow. Once prepared in a syringe, the product expires in four hours.

Children’s Transfusion Service inventory of red blood cells and platelets is collected or processed as leukocyte reduced pre-storage by the Blood Centers. Children’s considers leukocyte-reduced red blood cells and platelets to be Cytomegalovirus (CMV) safe.

Infants less than 4 months old will automatically receive irradiated red blood cells and platelets throughout their admission period. The provider is responsible for identifying other patients requiring irradiation and notifying the Transfusion Service of this need. Refer to Children’s Guidelines for Transfusion for a complete listing of the type of patient that requires irradiated blood components.

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