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Life-long condition management outcomes

We help children with life-long conditions live more normal lives

One of our most important goals is to help children with life-long conditions eliminate trips to the emergency room or stays in the hospital. At every routine visit, we work with these children and their families to anticipate potentially serious problems and prevent them. The two most common serious life-long conditions we treat are asthma and diabetes.

Patients with well-controlled asthma

Children who have “well-controlled asthma” are able to live active lives — with minimal emergency asthma care.

Percent of Children’s asthma patients who have “well controlled asthma” status       

When reading this chart, higher is better.


How we’re improving

During the past few years, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of Children’s patients who have achieved “well-controlled asthma” status. We have asthma care coordinators on each campus and a system-wide asthma registry to ensure patients and their families are clear about the doctor visits and treatments they need.

Patients with optimally managed diabetes

People with “optimally managed diabetes” meet nationally determined standards for reducing the short- and long-term complications of diabetes.  Our clinicians receive monthly feedback on their individual patients’ “optimally managed” status.

Percent of patients who have “optimally managed diabetes” status      

When reading this chart, higher is better.


How we’re improving

Today, we’re consistently at or near our goals for getting patients to optimally managed status. We’ve recently added diabetes educators and enhanced clinician protocols that ensure patients get the care they need. Additionally, we’ve added social services and educators’ services to the Diabetes Clinic.


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