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Children’s Minnesota will be hiring at the APA Convention

The kid experts from Children’s Minnesota will be attending the 2022 American Psychological Association (APA) Convention and we are looking to meet and interview psychology professionals to join our team!

Matthew’s journey through two heart surgeries after birth

Caitlin and William’s life in Minnesota was off to an exciting start. Shortly after moving from Salt Lake City for William’s work in 2019, the couple learned they were expecting their second child. Their daughter Lucy was looking forward to becoming a big sister. Everything was going according to plan with Caitlin’s pregnancy, until her 20-week ultrasound – a moment that would alter their life going forward. 

PICU clinical nurse shares his 10-year career experience at Children’s Minnesota

Austin Rondou, clinical nurse in our pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), has been working at Children’s Minnesota helping kids for 10 years total now. He has been a nurse in the PICU for 4.5 years. Austin’s sharing all his favorite things about his career below.

Our research department is hiring – join our team!

Children’s Minnesota is seeking qualified candidates to join our research department! View our open positions.

THC edibles in Minnesota: how parents can prevent accidental poisoning

While the products are intended only for adults, THC edibles often look like typical sweets and snacks that can be tempting to kids. Studies have found that THC poisoning in kids has been on the rise in recent years. The Kid Experts at Children's Minnesota offer steps families can take to keep THC away from kids.

Ultrasound tech shares her Children’s Minnesota career experience

Jenny Miller, ultrasound technologist, has been working at Children’s Minnesota helping kids for six years now. She’s sharing all her favorite things about her career.

The importance of your well-being as a caregiver

Dex Tuttle, injury prevention program manager at Children’s Minnesota, is here to help explain the importance of taking care of yourself and provide resources for you in your community.

Get more of The Dude with his new podcast

When The Dude is not on Star Studio entertaining patients he’s doing something new – podcasting. The Dude has launched Childhood Chatcast, a podcast where he and his co-host interview some of The Kid Experts at Children’s Minnesota about their childhoods.

Roselyn’s recovery: Children’s Minnesota’s Neonatal Virtual Care program brings expert care to more babies

Children’s Minnesota’s Neonatal Virtual Care program provides on-demand care management for newborns, like baby Roselyn, needing immediate acute stabilization and resuscitation at partnering hospitals.

Nothing stops Sloan: from a brain tumor to a national competition before age 9

Sloan is one of nine students selected as a finalist in her age category for the National Braille Challenge. Very impressive, especially when you consider Sloan’s been living with a brain tumor most of her young life.