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A night in the ED with a child life specialist

Patients experienced less anxiety when they left the emergency department when a child life specialist was involved in their care.

Raising kids with the Internet as a co-parent

The main difference between new parents in 2015 compared to years ago is the Internet — offering a mixed bag of benefits and burdens to the ancient art of parenting.

Related image for article, The importance of play — for kids and adults

The importance of play — for kids and adults

Play is important for all age groups, not just those adorable preschoolers. We need to incorporate this in everything we do, for teens, parents and staff.

“Children’s Pedcast”: Child life specialists on taking medicine

Jeri Kayser, Sarah Magnuson and Sam Schackman talk about parents' challenges with kids taking medicine.

5 question friday

Five Question Friday: Psychologist works to help children, families

Don Brunnquell, LP, has a number of stories and memories from his time at Children’s.

“Children’s Pedcast”: Nicole Skaro and Dr. Anne Bendel on parents’ roles on care team

Valiant Vito's mom and oncologist discuss the importance of a strong care team that includes patient families.

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Children’s patient has brain tumor removed, wakes up a new person

Elizabeth Johnson Camozzi writes about the surgery that saved her life.

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Sleep tips from Children’s Sleep Center

We specialize in identifying and treating the full gamut of sleep challenges.

5 question friday

Meet Children’s new quality and patient safety manager

In recognition of National Patient Safety Awareness Week, we’d like to introduce Diane Nalezny in this edition of Five Question Friday.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia an option for kids with sleep trouble

Insomnia is broadly defined as difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and/or subjective, poor-quality sleep.