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Mother of Children’s heart patient writes book

In "Embracing Charlie," author-mother Mindy Lynn writes about her family’s emotional journey with her son, who was born with a congenital heart defect.

Meet Katie

When Katie grows up, she wants to be a dancer. She loves to dance.

Facts on frostbite

Prolonged exposure to the cold puts our skin at risk for frostbite, or — a lesser version — frostnip.

Healthy childhood development important for all

Healthy development happens in the home and in the community through relationships with families, friends and neighbors.

Beat the flu, get vaccinated

Influenza is a complex, tricky virus that is nearly impossible to predict.

5 question friday

Five Question Friday: Ellen Wade

The pediatric clinical dietitian for the Minneapolis sixth floor, PICU and Children’s Home Care Pharmacy tells us about her role and why she loves her job.

Related image for article, Ebola preparedness prompts teamwork, unlikely partnership

Ebola preparedness prompts teamwork, unlikely partnership

Children's staff and members of the American Sewing Guild team up to make Ebola-training hoods.

New mom reflects on her premature birth

Kirsten DesMarais, who was born at 28 weeks in 1988, gave birth to her first child 10 days after her due date.

First-year nonprofit raises more than $62,000 for Children’s pain clinic

CycleHealth raised the money with its first annual BreakAway Kids Tri at Lake Elmo Park Reserve.

Meet Abbey

Born five weeks early and with myriad medical issues, Abbey has been a patient at Children's since birth.