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Preemie to philanthropist: JonWalter’s story

JonWalter was born at just 1 pound 13 ounces. He grew up the underdog but now as a young man, who spends his time bowling and finishing up his degree, JonWalter knew it was time to give back to the community who helped him grow.

Mighty Margaret outside in the snow

Mighty Margaret’s heart journey: A look through the years

Margaret is living life to the fullest, being as mighty as she was when she had her first open heart surgery at just 5 months old. Today, she’s a spunky, curious 3-year-old who is exploring the world around her.

Related image for article, Mountains to Minneapolis: Shelby’s story of persistence

Mountains to Minneapolis: Shelby’s story of persistence

Not all Children’s Minnesota stories start in Minnesota. This was the case for the Ullom family, who lived nearly 1,000 miles away in Bozeman, MT prior to their daughter’s birth.

Child trying to get into a baby-proofed cabinet

How you can prevent poisonings in your home

While most poisonings can be treated with advice from the poison control center or help from a medical professional, the safest bet is to prevent poisonings from ever happening. Here's what you need to watch out for at home, and what you can do to ensure your child doesn’t eat or drink unsafe chemicals.

Work Here Wednesday: Social work

We are seeking masters-level educated clinicians (MSW) and clinically licensed social workers (LICSW).

Children’s Minnesota awarded $75,000 grant from UCare to support health equity initiatives

Children’s Minnesota was awarded a $75,000 grant from UCare, a Twin Cities-based health plan, to support health equity programs designed to advance intercultural awareness among employees and further cultivate community relationships.

Celebrating Black History Month at Children’s Minnesota

The month of February marks Black History Month, a time to celebrate the tremendous milestones and contributions black Americans have made throughout United States history.

What is a congenital heart defect?

You may have heard of children being born with holes in their hearts or kids born with “half a heart,” but did you know? These are all different types of congenital heart defects.

Button batteries

How to keep your child safe from the dangers of button batteries

Kids play with toys every day. But some toys, especially battery-operated toys, can be unsafe. Button batteries are small, coin-shaped batteries found in many toys that can be dangerous if a child swallows one. Find out how to keep your child safe from the dangers of button batteries here.

How can I keep my child safe from stairway falls?

Most of kids' time is spent at home, so it’s not surprising that most injuries occur in the home. One common way that kids get hurt is on the stairs.