Stories from Children’s volunteer services.

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Red-Vested Rockstar: Lisa Zutz

Lisa is an aspiring pediatric RN who currently works as a phlebotomist.

Meet Red-Vested Rockstar Debbie Closmore

Volunteer Debbie isn't afraid of a challenge and loves stepping up to the ever-changing needs in the surgery department.

The volunteer under Twinkle: Vince Opheim

Have you ever seen Children's mascot Twinkle and wondered who is inside that smiling blue star? Chances are it's Vince Opheim, who has volunteered as Twinkle for nearly six years.

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Volunteer shout-out: Kiry Koy

The celebration of our volunteers continues this week with a profile of Kiry Koy.

Related image for article, Volunteer shout-out: Jackie Cameron

Volunteer shout-out: Jackie Cameron

Meet Jackie Cameron, a volunteer for six years and a Children’s employee who works as a lead medical scribe in Health Information Management.