Children’s Kids’ Health Blog

Children’s of Minnesota is excited to introduce our new blog centered around our most cherished priority, keeping kids (and families) healthy.

Some of the leading experts and thought leaders at Children’s are coming together in this space to share with you their take on a broad set of issues affecting children’s health. What questions should parents ask their pediatrician? What are the perceptions of delivering equitable care to a richly diverse population?  How is research, technology, and care innovation impacting quality of care? What’s it like to run a hospital?

At Children’s every ounce of our expertise, our technology, our investment, and our research focuses on kids, and one of the most rewarding experiences is sharing that passion with families, peers, and friends who care deeply about the health of our children and their families.

Each week we’ll add new posts by one of our bloggers. Over the next few weeks you’ll get to know them as they introduce themselves and give you an idea of the kinds of topics they’ll share.

We’re counting on your words, too. Converse with us. Ask questions. Tell us what’s on your mind.

What topics would you like to see the Children’s staff explore in this blog? Leave a comment below.

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