Pure Goodness

Recently, Children’s held its quarterly Champions for Children’s breakfast. This wonderful event is one of the hospital’s many ways of saying thank you to our employees. Staff throughout the organization nominate other employees for going beyond the call of duty in delivering extraordinary care to children, their families, or one another. What I love about this event is that it is all about “pure goodness.”

An event like Champions for Children’s reminds me why I came to work in a children’s hospital and why the vast majority of us work here.

Whether it is stated directly or not, the people who work at Children’s do understand its mission of championing the special healthcare needs of children. These amazing stories convey to us that we come to work to find worth, to give, to be compassionate and to help others. To put a smile on a face, warmth in others’ hearts and the relief of pain and suffering. I am never more proud of the organization than at this breakfast whether it’s the nurses, social workers and chaplains, people in materials management, IT, admitting or other areas — they all are amazing, and committed to our patients and families.

And so while we must be thankful for our good health, for the jobs we have, and realize that we may go through ups and downs, the number one reason we do what we do is because of the goodness in our hearts.

Phil Kibort, MD, is Children’s vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer. Read his bio here.

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