Hearts of thanks: Maisy’s story

Children’s Family Advisory Council has designated this week as Hearts of Thanks week as a way to say thank you and recognize all Children’s staff for the difference they make to them during their experiences in our hospitals and clinics. This week we’ll share some of the letters and stories from families about how our staff has been there to lend a helping a hand, a shoulder to cry on or an encouraging word during some of the most difficult times in their lives. On behalf of the Family Advisory Council, thank you to all of our team members for all you do to brighten the days, and the lives, of our patient families.

Dear PICU staff,

Imagine a young girl without a family by her side, when she was fighting for her life…facing one surgery after surgery another, alone. And then imagine a staff who took this little girl under their wing and gave her the compassionate and quality care she deserved. And then picture this same girl who is 6 years old now. Who, after 28 surgeries, a pacemaker placement and countless other procedures and hospital stays…imagine this same little girl filled with confidence, charisma and abounding enthusiasm and love to give. This is our daughter Maisy… who joined our family through adoption after living two years of her life without a forever family. Because of the love and quality care that Maisy received at the hospital, she is thriving, happy and ready to take on the world. I don’t believe that she would have a future as bright if she had not received such excellent and nurturing care. To you, we give you a heart of thanks!

— Julie Martindale

Do you have a Children’s employee or team you’d like to thank? Share your message in the comments.

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