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National Night Out promotes neighborhood safety

Communities across the United States will gather today to celebrate National Night Out, an evening dedicated to strengthening communities and promoting safer streets. While your local barbecue or block party is a great time to reconnect with your neighbors and enjoy a potluck, it’s also a great opportunity to review home and neighborhood safety tips with your children. Here are five quick tips to bring up with your kids during your neighborhood event this week.

1. Post important personal and contact information in a central place in your home.

  • Include parents’ names, street address, mobile, home and work phone numbers, 911, poison control, fire department, police department, and helpful neighbors.
  • Use a neighborhood party to help children to familiarize themselves with their neighbors and identify whom they can go to for help.

2. Teach your child how and when to call 911.

  • Discuss specifics of what an emergency is and when 911 should be used.
  • Role play different scenarios and make sure kids know what information to give to the 911 operator.
  • For younger kids, discuss the different roles of emergency workers and what they do.

3. Discuss “stranger danger.”

  • Talk with your kids about who is allowed to pick them up from school or activities.
  • Talk to your kids about the importance of walking in pairs.
  • Ensure they always take the same route home from school and do not take shortcuts.

4. Practice proper street safety.

  • Have children practice looking both ways before stepping into the street, using the crosswalk and obeying the walk/don’t walk signals.
  • Teach kids what different road signs mean, such as a stop sign.
  • Remind children about the importance of biking with a helmet and reflective light.

5. Talk to your children about fire safety.

  • If fire trucks are present at the neighborhood party, use their presence as an opportunity to discuss what to do if there were a fire.
  • Plan and practice escape routes in your home and designate a meeting spot in case you get separated.

Children’s will join our neighbors in Minneapolis at the Phillips West neighborhood’s National Night Out block party from 5-8 p.m., along 27th Street between Columbus and Portland avenues. All are welcome to attend the evening of food, entertainment and kids’ activities, including the Children’s Making Safe Simple booth, where we’ll play games and give away prizes. We hope to see you there!

Switchfoot visit patients, perform songs at Children’s – Minneapolis

Switchfoot are (from left) Chad Butler, Tim Foreman, Jon Foreman, Jerome Fontamillas and Drew Shirley.

Switchfoot are (from left) Chad Butler, Tim Foreman, Jon Foreman, Jerome Fontamillas and Drew Shirley. The San Diego, Calif., rock band performed songs and played BINGO at Star Studio.

Rock band Switchfoot​ — Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Jerome Fontamillas and Drew Shirley — visited Star Studio and patients at Children’s – Minneapolis on Friday.

The San Diego, Calif., quintet spent the morning and afternoon playing music, BINGO and visiting patients and families in Star Studio, Children’s in-house TV studio, before their show later that night in Minneapolis. The band signed autographs, posed for photos and played songs in individual patient rooms.

“Hello Hurricane” — Switchfoot, live from Star Studio at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota from Children’s of Minnesota on Vimeo.

Children’s patient surprised with tickets to One Direction concert in Minneapolis

Angelina (right) and best friend Samantha were surprised with tickets to the One Direction show in Minneapolis.

Angelina (right) and best friend Samantha were surprised with tickets to the One Direction show in Minneapolis.

Thirteen-year-old Angelina received a surprise this week during what she thought was a regular tour of the WCCO-TV studio.

The Children’s patient who battles a chronic lung disease was the recipient of a generous gift from a Twin Cities family. The father of the family bought four tickets as a Christmas gift for his two daughters, but a scheduling conflict made the family’s attendance at the show not possible.


WCCO-TV: These One Direction fans get a huge surprise


Instead of selling the tickets, the man enlisted the help of WCCO, which identified Angelina, who was featured earlier this year as one of “Kylie’s Kids,” a segment with WCCO’s Kylie Bearse that highlights a children’s hospital patient. The tickets, and $200 to spend on anything in preparation for the concert, were donated to Angelina and her best friend, Samantha. The pair were surprised on the TV station’s rooftop at the end of the tour.

Children’s patient surprised with One Direction concert tickets in Minneapolis from Children’s of Minnesota on Vimeo.

German man biking from Pacific to Atlantic oceans visits Minneapolis

German cyclist Jörg Richter is biking from Washington to Connecticut to raise awareness of rare pediatric illnesses.

German cyclist Jörg Richter is biking from Washington to Connecticut to raise awareness of rare pediatric illnesses.

subscribe_blogErin Keifenheim

The Cancer and Blood Disorders Clinic at Children’s – Minneapolis received a special visit today from Jörg Richter, a German cyclist who is biking from Washington to Connecticut to raise awareness of rare pediatric illnesses. Richter, who works for German health care insurance agency AOK, took a leave from his job to make the 4,000-plus mile journey across the country. He set out in early June, marking the start of his journey by dipping the rear wheel of his bike in the Pacific Ocean near Seattle. Throughout the next month, he traveled through Idaho, Montana and North Dakota before reaching the Twin Cities on July 20.

Richter has been an active cyclist for many years and first had the inspiration to cycle around the world when he was 8 years old. Now at age 55, he decided to cross the item off his bucket list when two close friends died unexpectedly.

Children's oncologist Joanna Perkins , MD (left), and Jörg Richter stand outside the Children's Speciality Center in Minneapolis.

Children’s oncologist Joanna Perkins, MD (left), and Jörg Richter stand outside the Children’s Speciality Center in Minneapolis.

“I decided that was the moment to get it done and not put off my dream,” Richter said. “So many kids and adults aren’t able to fulfill their dreams because of their diseases.” Richter said he hopes his trip will help give children with rare diseases a better chance to fulfill their dreams.

Throughout his journey, Richter has enjoyed the scenery and wildlife he has encountered — including a roadside visit from a bear in the Cascade Mountains. But the most enjoyable part of his trip has been the people he has encountered and the hospitality he has been shown.

“I’m always meeting people who welcome me and invite me to stay,” he said. Complete strangers have stopped him along his route to talk about the Bavarian flag on the back of his bike; others have donated to his cause, paid for his meals or helped him find lodging. All have been supportive of his goal to raise $20,000 for the Care-for-Rare Foundation, which reached out to Children’s to arrange the special visit.

Richter expects to make it to his final destination in Connecticut by Sept. 7, with stops along the way in Chicago, along the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls. Once he reaches the East Coast, he’ll mark the end of his journey by dipping the front wheel of his bike in the Atlantic Ocean, completing his West-to-East Coast tour of the United States.

Richter has been documenting his journey on the AOK Facebook page.

Join Children’s for Family Fun Day at Peavey Park

The kids are on summer break. It’s warm outside. And now is the perfect time to celebrate! We invite you to join us for fun in the sun at Family Fun Day from 3-7 p.m. July 23 at Peavey Park in Minneapolis. We’re making safety fun and simple for the whole family.

Peavey Park will be filled with fun and friends. You can meet therapy dogs, police horses, learn hands-only CPR and more. The pool and park will be open as usual. When you visit our different activities, you can win a prize and free food (while it lasts) from Café Racer and Mik Mart Ice Cream.

Rain or shine, the event will go on — we hope to see you there!




Here’s where to find us:

Peavey Park, located at 730 E. 22nd St., between Park Avenue South and Chicago Avenue, is the perfect spot to gather all of the neighbors and families in the area (click the map below to get directions).

Working together for healthy kids and healthy communities 

subscribe_blogAt Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota, we’ve been working with the Minneapolis Police Department Bike Cops over the past four years to share bike safety information with neighborhood residents throughout Minneapolis. Each year, they celebrate the partnership with a summer event.

This year, we’re living Children’s values by joining together with community partners to extend our reach. After teaming up with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, we wanted to create an event to support and celebrate with our local community in the Phillips neighborhood and remind families of some ways to stay safe and prevent injuries while enjoying the summer.

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Children’s heart patient featured on ESPN

Jarvis Johnson helped lead his DeLaSalle to four boys basketball state championships during his high school career. All of that came after he suffered cardiac arrest before a practice as an eighth-grader in 2010.

subscribe_blogESPN’s SportsCenter featured Johnson, a heart patient at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, in a story called “Rise Up” as the University of Minnesota freshman fights for his basketball future.

Children’s cardiovascular program is one of the largest in the region, offering the newest techniques for treating kids’ cardiovascular and blood-vessel conditions, plus a megadose of heart in all we do.

Children’s celebrates family advocacy in Washington, D.C.

Children's patient Maisy Martindale (left) and her family visited Washington, D.C., in June to celebrate Family Advocacy Day.

Children’s patient Maisy Martindale (left) and her family visited Washington, D.C., in June to celebrate Family Advocacy Day.

Last month, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota participated in the Children’s Hospital Association’s Family Advocacy Day. The Martindale family joined with families from across the U.S. to advocate for funding and programming to support children’s hospitals and kids with special health care needs.

subscribe_blogBy telling their personal story to our senators and representatives, the Martindales helped put a face on the issues that are important to us. They were wonderful ambassadors for Children’s. Daughter Maisy’s energetic and charming personality won over the hearts of everyone she met.

Batman and Wonder Woman flew by to say a special hello to Maisy and the Martindale family at the Family Advocacy Day celebration dinner. Complete with a band, dancing, face painting, caricatures, games and, of course, ice cream, the event gave the kids a chance to exchange their CHA All-Star trading cards and have some fun before a full day of meetings on Capitol Hill. Maisy even had the chance to perform an original song about Taylor Swift with the band — a true star in the making!

The 2015 FAD trip was successful. Even with all the hard work advocating on Capitol Hill, fun was had by all. We look forward to another opportunity to advocate for children’s health and our children’s hospitals in 2016.

Join Children’s trauma expert for Twitter chat


David Hirschman, MD

David Hirschman, MD

David Hirschman, MD, co-medical director of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota’s emergency department, will answer the questions you have about trauma, emergencies and the emergency room in a Twitter chat, courtesy of Children’s and the Twin Cities Moms Blog.

The hour-long Minnesota Trauma Chat takes place at noon Wednesday, July 8. The chat’s hashtag is #MNTraumaChat. Dr. Hirschman will tweet from Children’s account (@ChildrensMN), and the Twin Cities Moms Blog will host from its account (@TCMomsBlog).

A $50 Starbucks gift card will be given at random to one chat participant. Be sure to use #MNTraumaChat in your questions and comments to be eligible. Feel free to RSVP to the event and check out some Twitter chat 101 from the Twin Cities Moms Blog.

At Children’s, we care for more pediatric emergency and trauma patients than any other health care system in our region, seeing about 90,000 kids each year between our St. Paul and Minneapolis hospitals. Children’s — Minneapolis is the area’s only Level I pediatric trauma center in a hospital dedicated to only kids, which means we offer the highest level of care to critically injured kids. From the seriously sick to the critically injured, we’re ready for anything.

Children’s doctors’ study shows increase in ER visits from self-inflicted injuries among teens

A motion blurred photograph of a child patient on stretcher or gurney being pushed at speed through a hospital corridor by doctors & nurses to an accident and emergency room

Self-inflicted injuries among teens made up 1.6 percent of emergency room visits in the U.S. in 2012. (iStock photo)

Emergency room visits for self-inflicted injuries among U.S. teens increased from 1.1 percent in 2009 to 1.6 percent in 2012, according to a study by Drs. Gretchen Cutler and Anupam Kharbanda of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

The study, “Emergency Department Visits for Self-Inflicted Injuries in Adolescents,” published today in the July issue of Pediatrics, examines 286,678 adolescent trauma patients, 3,664 of whom sustained a self-inflicted injury (SII).

The study aimed to describe ER visits for self-inflicted injuries in teens from 2009-2012 by tracking trends in mechanism of injury and identifying factors associated with increased risk of self-harm behaviors. The most common form of SII are cutting and/or piercing injuries, while firearm injuries decreased.


RESOURCES: Patient and family education materials about cutting


subscribe_blogOther findings 

  • Females are more likely to experience cutting and/or piercing injuries and higher ER-visit rates than males.
  • Males are at greater risk of dying from their injuries, likely due to their use of more lethal forms of injury such as firearms.
  • Teens with comorbid conditions, especially those with greater than two conditions, are at the greatest risk for SII.
  • The authors found that risk of SII is lower in African American adolescents than in white teens.
  • Teens with public or no health insurance are at increased risk of death from their injuries than those with private insurance.

The authors conclude that these findings identify potential subgroups of adolescents who would benefit from SII-prevention efforts.


RESOURCES: Patient and family education materials on emotions and behavior


The research showcases the leadership role Children’s plays within this community and nationally when it comes to caring for children. Stories about the study also appear in the Star TribuneHealthDay and MedPage Today.

Gretchen Cutler, MD, is a scientific investigator for the Center for Acute Care Outcomes and Anupam Kharbanda, MD, is an emergency department physician at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

“Children’s Pedcast”: Dr. Rachel Miller on pediatric gynecology

subscribe_blogDr. Rachel Miller, one of two pediatric gynecologists — the only two in the Twin Cities — at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, joins the show to talk about how girls benefit from visiting a pediatric and adolescent gynecologist, the different reasons for why she sees patients, and the differences between pediatric and adult gynecological exams.

“Children’s Pedcast” can be heard on iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, YouTube and Vimeo.