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Dr. Gandrud discusses diabetes

Dr. Laura Gandrud discusses the wide variety of Type 1 Diabetes symptoms and how parents can be on the loop out for signs.

Minnesota Hospital Association gives Children’s Minnesota Patient Safety Improvement Award

Children's Minnesota was given the Patient Safety Improvement Award by the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) for the Comfort Promise campaign.

Children’s Hospitals Today: Building community connections

Anna Youngerman, senior director of advocacy and health policy, spoke about how Children's is working to enhance community relationships.

How much caffeine is too much? Emily Chapman weighs in

Emily Chapman, vice chief medical officer, shared insights on healthy caffeine intake for children and teens.

Minnesota Parent: what kind of milk is best for our child?

As part of her "Ask the Pediatrician" column in Minnesota Parent magazine, Dr. Gigi Chawla, chief of general pediatrics, explained that milk can be divided into two categories - plant-based and animal-based - and underscored why the benefits of cow's milk make it the best option. Read the full article: What kind of milk is best for our child?

Family Circle: Your child has an eating disorder

Dr. Julie Lesser, medical director of the Center for Treatment of Eating Disorders, lead the treatment of a young girl diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.

Children’s Minnesota recognized by Solutions for Patient Safety

Children's Minnesota was selected as the April SPS Hospital of the Month.

Children’s Minnesota leader highlights the need for Medicaid

Kelly Wolfe, public policy director at Children's Minnesota spoke with Minnesota Public Radio regarding the value of Medicaid.

Alternative therapies bring relaxation to patients

Joy Johnson-Lind, director of child and family services, talked about the alternative therapies available to patients during their stay at Children's.

High school golfer raises money for Children’s Minnesota

A high school athlete dedicated his golf game to raising money for Children’s Minnesota.