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Study: new clinical guidelines result in significant decrease in hospital admissions for croup

A recent study by Dr. Gabrielle Hester, medical director of the department of value and clinical excellence and pediatric hospitalist at Children’s Minnesota, determined that most patients who need two or fewer doses of racemic epinephrine can be safely discharged from the emergency department.

Revolutionary CT scanner added to Minneapolis medical imaging department to support Children’s Minnesota cardiovascular imaging

Children’s Minnesota is introducing the new Alpha technology to our medical imaging program to help support cardiovascular imaging. The new Alpha technology will allow surgeons to see the whole heart in 3-D moving images before operating, increasing success of treatment and patient survival.

Children’s Minnesota kid expert becomes senior investigator for the EDISYN Collaboration

Dr. Kris Ann Schultz, pediatric oncologist at Children’s Minnesota, has been named a senior investigator in the EDISYN Collaboration! Dr. Schultz explains the what's involved in being a senior investigator.

Children’s Minnesota offers cutting-edge pharmacogenomics program

The pharmacogenomics program at Children’s Minnesota is the only pediatric-focused program in the Upper Midwest and one of only a few pharmacogenomics programs in the country focused exclusively on children and adolescents. Two of the conditions most commonly referred to our pharmacogenomics program are cancer and mental health.

Work Here Wednesday: Our medical imaging department is hiring

Multiple shifts open! Children’s Minnesota is hiring both radiologic technologists and CT technologist.

Securian Financial donates $1 million to Children’s Minnesota for new inpatient mental health unit

The 22-bed unit at the health system’s St. Paul hospital is expected to serve kids and teens beginning in the fall. Securian Financial’s principal gift is the first corporate commitment to the mental health program at Children’s Minnesota.

Dr. Gigi Chawla named 2022 Walter Ramsey Award honoree by Children’s Hospital Association

The Walter Ramsey Award honors a professional who has given their life’s work to the service of others, who has partnered with CHA to make a marked impact in pediatric health care, and who embodies the core CHA values of: integration, innovation, impact, and involvement.

Navigating screen time with kids and teens

On average, kids ages 8 to 12 spend four to six hours per day on screens and teenagers spend up to nine hours per day. In a Talking Pediatrics episode, host Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd and Dr. Sarah Jerstad, clinical director of psychological services at Children’s Minnesota, discuss how to navigate screen time with kids and teens.

Work Here Wednesday: We’re hiring respiratory therapists!

Multiple shifts open! Children’s Minnesota is hiring respiratory therapists.

COVID-19 vaccine targeting new variants approved by CDC for children 6 months and older

There is a new COVID-19 vaccine targeting new variants approved by CDC for children 6 months and older.