Articles from Marc Gorelick, MD, president and chief executive officer (CEO) at Children’s Minnesota.

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Dr. Marc Gorelick and James Burroughs reflect on George Floyd’s impact on advancing health equity

The American Hospital Association gathered leaders from Children’s Minnesota, Allina Health and M Health Fairview to discuss how Floyd’s murder and the racial reckoning that followed impacted the future of their work to advance health equity.

Our chief nursing officer on her life as a nurse: how being an immigrant influences her and why her first day was one of her hardest.

“The challenges I faced as an immigrant shaped how I view health care.” For National Nurses Month, Chief Nursing Officer Caroline Njau reflects on her life in the field: her hardest day, what people might not know about nursing and what she sees at Children’s Minnesota every day.

For my mom, being a nurse wasn’t a job. It was her life.

This will be my family’s first Mother’s Day without my mom. She passed away last August. If you knew her, you knew how proud she was to be a nurse.

Children’s health isn’t the only health we’re working on. Meet our sustainability expert, Denise Deutsch.

It’s ironic, but hospitals aren’t so healthy for the environment. They’re responsible for a lot of greenhouse gases. On this Earth Day, here’s how Children’s Minnesota is making our hospitals healthier.

Priscilla Brown lost her teen son to gun violence. Now she’s working to save other people’s sons.

Progress on gun safety has been painfully slow. It’s hard not to feel hopeless when young people are injured or killed by gun violence. That’s why I admire people like Priscilla Brown who don’t give up, despite the devastation guns have caused in their own lives.

Profit vs. margin: why do we need a margin?

As a nonprofit pediatric health system, Children’s Minnesota earns a margin, not a profit. That’s important to know, especially now, when many health systems are facing negative margins. What exactly is a margin and why does it matter?

Nonprofit health systems: what’s good to know

Children’s Minnesota is a nonprofit. We invest in the communities we serve. That’s important to know, especially now, when many health systems are struggling. But what exactly does it mean to be a nonprofit health system and why does that matter?

Our kid experts join Becker’s Hospital Review’s 13th Annual Meeting

We’re excited that four of our kid experts from Children’s Minnesota will join Becker’s Hospital Review’s 13th Annual Meeting: Dr. Marc Gorelick, president and CEO; Jennifer Olson, SVP & chief operations officer; James Burroughs, senior vice president, government and community relations and chief equity and inclusion officer; and Laurin Cathey, senior vice president and chief human resources officer.

Community health: hearing vs. listening

One of our values at Children’s Minnesota is “Listen, really listen.” Listening to the kids and families we serve, listening to our colleagues. It builds trust and relationships. It helps us learn how we can best help kids be as healthy as possible. That’s the idea behind the Community Health Needs Assessment.

I pledged to advance equity at Children’s Minnesota. Here’s what we’ve done so far.

As we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Children's Minnesota CEO Marc Gorelick looks at progress on an equity action pledge he signed in 2018.