Guest Blogger: Volunteer/Medical Student Michael Joannides

Editor’s Note:  Mike volunteered at Children’s from December 2008-December 2010, accumulating over 300 total hours of service.  While we were very sad to see him go, we are excited to feature him here as he highlights his new adventures as a medical student abroad!

 Interested in studying medicine in Europe?  I was, and so were at least 120 other students in my medical school class who are currently involved in the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program in Newcastle, UK. 

My name is Michael Joannides.  I am from Eden Prairie, MN and began volunteering at the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital in December 2008.   As mentioned above, I am currently studying medicine through St. George’s University (SGU).  The main campus of the school is located in Grenada, approximately 100 miles north of Venezuela in the Caribbean.  However, the MD program offers two routes to achieving a medical degree:  (1) spending your first 2 years studying the Basic Sciences on the island of Grenada, followed by 2 years of Clinical Rotations in the United States (with affiliated hospitals in either New York, Florida, Michigan, or California), or (2) choosing the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program.  The latter program allows you to study your first year of Basic Sciences at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK, followed by a second year of Basic Sciences on the main campus in Grenada, then Clinical Rotations in either the United States or United Kingdom.  Both SGU MD programs are adamant about operating on the same curriculum; therefore, lectures, study material, and exams are the same for either route taken through SGU.

I decided on the Global Scholars Program since the opportunity to experience three types of healthcare systems, along with the easy access to travel throughout Europe, would allow a tremendous experience towards learning medicine.  When I complete my four years of medical school at St. George’s University, I will have observed the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK along with a developing nation’s health care system in Grenada, and the current United States healthcare system.   I look forward to broadening my medical education with cross-cultural medical practices.  Of course, I am also extremely excited to see some sites in Europe.

If you are further interested in this medical program, here is the website:

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