Maggie the Golden Retriever: An Inspiring “Tail!”

February 11th, 2011

Bonnie & Maggie Ask are new additions to the PAWH (Pets Assisting With Healing) team on the St. Paul campus.  With Bonnie’s help, Maggie has become a registered therapy dog through the Delta Society.  Last week, Bonnie & Maggie assisted occupational therapist Emily DeBreto with one of her sessions.  Emily’s patient was working on handwriting and grasping skills with a writing tool.  To make the session fun and interesting, Emily asked the patient to interview Bonnie about Maggie.  After the patient finished her interview, she turned it into a story and wrote it on paper.  This patient learned sentence-building without even knowing it!

Maggie's Story Bonnie and Maggie

Huge thanks to Bonnie and Maggie!

3 Responses to “Maggie the Golden Retriever: An Inspiring “Tail!””

  1. Mona Dietz says:

    Who has the biggest smile? Bonnie or Maggie? They both are top shelf in my book not only because she’s my sister but God has given her a special gift of love and compassion for others. love ya Bon

    • Joan says:

      Bonnie has always found a way to scatter her love to the needy. I am not surprised to see this latest endeavor with Maggie. WAY TO GO BONNIE AND MAGGIE!!!!!

  2. Ann says:

    They both are a-maz-ing! It is so wonderful when you have the perfect job for the perfect person (and dog!)

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