Volunteer Profile: Phillip Thomas

Phillip Thomas
Phil Thomas (pictured) is a new member of the Children’s volunteer team. After just two weeks of volunteering on the inpatient floors in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, he had this to say about his experience:  "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to volunteer! I’m thrilled already with how it has been going, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!  I’m looking forward to my future at Children’s!"
Phil is planning on attending medical school, but is unsure at this point which specialty will be his focus. At the top of his list are orthopedic sports medicine and possibly neonatology. Of course, Phil acknowledges that his focus could change while in medical school; therefore, he plans on keeping an open mind. Phil just celebrated the fact that he completed the MCAT; he will be submitting applications for medical school next! 
Good luck, Phil, and thank you for sharing your time and talents at Children’s!

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