Volunteer Recognition Week Profile: Jaida Adams-King

Jaida Adams-King

Jaida Adams-King

“My name is Jaida Adams-King. I’m in the eleventh grade at Champlin Park High School. I work at the Noble Subway and I’m currently preparing to go on a mission trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I volunteer at Children’s every Tuesday, and I always try to be there each and every week. My hobbies are writing and reading. My interests are helping others, meeting new people, and enjoying life!

I began volunteering at Children’s because I wanted to know the day-to-day lives of the nurses and the doctors. I really enjoy it because I get to meet so many different patients with various personalities, and it’s amazing to see them getting better. After high school, I plan to go to college and major in either medicine or psychology. If I were to major in either one of these careers, I would want to work with children most. I think children are the most diverse people in the world and they keep you on your toes! Plus, it would be nice to go into work every day and enjoy working.”

Thank you so much, Jaida, for all that you’ve done here as a volunteer!

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