New Emergency Department Positions A Success!

UROC Anne Hennessey & volunteer Anfisa Schams.

This summer, Volunteer Services collaborated with the Children’s-St. Paul Emergency Department to pilot a new volunteer position!  Emergency Department volunteers assist in administering TruthPoint (patient/family feedback) surveys, providing sibling support, and supporting the ED staff.   According to Anna Wells, Unit Operations & Registration Coordinator (UROC)  in the Emergency Department,  “It has been extremely helpful to have volunteers around to aide the UROCs and nurses with keeping patients occupied by bringing them toys and helping pass out TruthPoint surveys to keep patient/family satisfaction as high as possible.”

UROC Anna Wells, volunteer Jenna Maslowski, & UROC Katherine Funke.

Thank you, Anna, for your great feedback…and THANK YOU, ED volunteers, for all of your great work! 
**If you are interested in volunteering in the Emergency Department in the future, please contact St. Paul Volunteer Services at (651) 220-6141! 

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