Making Every Day Special: St. Thomas MEDS Volunteers!

At new volunteer interviews, applicants are asked how they found out about the volunteer program here at Children’s Hospital.  Often, volunteers have found our website (or this blog!) through online searches, Facebook, friends, teachers or other advisors. When asking this question of our applicants this fall, Lisa and Kristi noticed a trend:  many new volunteers were mentioning that they were a part of the St. Thomas MEDS program, and had learned about this opportunity from a current volunteer…Katie Boyd!

As new volunteers continued to mention the MEDS program, coordinators touched base with Katie Boyd to learn more.  Katie explained that MEDS (Making Every Day Special) is one of the sub-groups of the student group Volunteers in Action (VIA).  VIA is a service organization through Campus Ministry at the University of St. Thomas. Participants serve the Twin Cities metro area through a variety of local organizations committed to service and social justice. Katie, who is a MEDS Site Leader, notes that “a lot of the students involved in the MEDS program are striving to have a career within the medical field someday.” The MEDS volunteers are active at Children’s Hospital and United Hospital.

Eight MEDS volunteers are currently active with Children’s Hospital in St. Paul:  Becca Kummer and Kristin Braden are “float” volunteers, assisting with many tasks on the inpatient units; Kirsten Lambert is a Developmental & Rehabilitation volunteer; Katrina Miller and Suzanne Mages spend time with patients in the Epilepsy Unit; Katie Boyd and Britney Gorman are 4th floor inpatient unit volunteers; and Marianna Moffatt volunteers in the Emergency Department.

VIA-MEDS Volunteers (pictured above, L-R): Katie Boyd, Suzanne Mages, Britney Gorman and Becca Kummer

THANK YOU to our wonderful MEDS group volunteers!  What a fantastic bunch of enthusiastic, committed, fun and driven young people!

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