Children’s Hospital Volunteers Honoring Staff

Volunteers succeed at improving the experience of patients and families here at Children’s Hospital because of the involvement and support of staff members! We appreciate the guidance, acknowledgment, and time that staff share with our volunteers to make volunteering a meaningful and rewarding experience, both for our volunteers and for the patients and families that we all serve.

Recently, our department rolled a staff recognition program called VHS (Volunteers Honoring Staff), and asked volunteers to reflect on the staff support they’ve received here at Children’s. The response has been overwhelming!  We want to thank all Children’s staff for the HUGE difference that they make in enhancing the experiences of our volunteers!

Volunteer Laura Mathers (in red vest) with nurses (from left to right) Steph Mysicka, Sydney Pederson and Nadine Schultz

So many recognition forms were completed…read on for a few highlights!

Betsy Brand, Tom Marsolais, & Sarah Magnuson (Child Life) are IT! They plan for children and their needs while they are in the hospital. They write needs on our census sheets, but also talk with us one-on-one if there is time. There are many large group activities planned for the playroom, which are great fun!”

Diane Kastner, inpatient float and Hideaway Library volunteer

“The nurses in the NICU always say, ‘Oh, here’s Grandma! We gotta find her a baby!’ It’s wonderful!”
Mary Ellen Kruger, NICU volunteer

Mary Ayinde is always a pleasure to spend time with during my shift. She is humorous and also feeds/caffeinates me on a regular basis. My time at Children’s has been infinitely better with Mary around.”
Tom Klink, perioperative escort volunteer

Julie Schommer is always super welcoming when Snickers & I visit the PICU. She lets us know which patients we can visit, and her warm and nurturing personality makes our visits at the PICU extra-special!”
Avi Kecman & Snickers, PAWH volunteer team

Katie Gehrz (Roseville O.T.) shows such compassion for each and every child. She always seems to go above and beyond expectations to provide the best care and support for patients.”
-Beth Steigauf, Rehab Volunteer

Charles Lillicrap (Surgery) consistently goes the extra mile to help when I have a question or concern. He checks in on us and always makes me feel genuinely appreciated and important.”
-Kathy Dowd, Surgery Family Waiting Room volunteer

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