Volunteer Profile: Erik Mendoza-Riveros

Erik Mendoza-Riveros is one of the most motivated high-schoolers that you will ever meet!  For the past year, he has committed to volunteering on weekends (Saturday/Sunday shifts), in addition to a busy school schedule!  Erik describes his motivations for volunteering below:
“Hi!  My name is Erik Mendoza-Riveros.  I have been volunteering for a year at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.  I am very optimistic about life:  my motto is to make the best out of any and every situation.  My intentions are always to help others, and to treat everyone the way that I want to be treated.

I am a student at Roosevelt High School.  Before coming to Children’s, I thought, “Well…I need sixty volunteer hours for school; why not try Children’s Hospital?”  I am a very busy man, and try to be as involved as possible with as many things as I can: consider me a “multitasker!” My inspiration to be the person that I am today is my friend, Samuel Joaquin Flores:  I look up to him, and he is my role model.

As I started to volunteer more and more, trying to adapt my tough schedule at the same time, I felt more involved in the hospital.  I now feel truly connected to these kids’ perspectives: I, myself, have gotten very sick, and spending only a couple of days in the hospital makes me feel like I need the outdoors.

I cannot express my gratitude for being a volunteer at Children’s, I don’t get paid, and don’t wish to volunteer for hours anymore, either.  I simply want to make children smile. I believe that, on a personal level, I get more from volunteering than the mere hours that I put in: I get to make a child’s day at Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota!”

 Thank you, Erik, for your dedication to brightening patients’ days here at Children’s!  We appreciate you & your commitment!

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