Volunteer Spotlight: Rehab Department

Volunteers assisting with Rehabilitation Services at Children’s are enrolled in an academic track for Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapy careers. Volunteers assist therapists on a regular basis with appointments, helping to prepare activities and support the work of the therapist during patient sessions.

Occupational Therapist Emily Debreto and Volunteer Mary Testen

What are rehab therapists & volunteers saying about their work together?

“Mary is an extraordinary volunteer and an asset to our department. My patients look forward to seeing Mary each week. She has done an amazing job assisting with new Occupational Therapy projects, and her creative ideas are appreciated. I would not be as efficient with my schedule if it were not for Mary setting up all of the treatment sessions. Mary ALWAYS goes above and beyond. Thank you, Mary!”

-Emily DeBreto, Occupational Therapist (Children’s Rehab-St. Paul)

“Ever since I started volunteering, Emily DeBreto has been so welcoming and open. I’ve learned so much from observing Emily work with her patients and their families/caregivers. She is so good about explaining what she is doing and why:  she shares the OT viewpoint, which is helpful to me since I’d like to go to school for OT. She cares a lot about her patients, and always makes me feel appreciated & valued as a volunteer.”

-Mary Testen, rehab volunteer

Volunteer Beth Steigauf

“It is wonderful to have an extra and competent pair of hands helping me with patients. Beth has a fabulous attitude and is open to doing all of the crazy O.T. things that I do!”

-Katie Gehrz, Occupational Therapist (Children’s Rehab-Roseville)

“As a student, volunteering at Children’s has not only fulfilled my academic requirements, but has helped me to (finally) decide on my career path. I am truly fascinated by the staff and their compassion to help these youngsters. I am so excited to take what I’ve learned and use it in my next step in life. I will continue to volunteer through school (Masters of O.T.) and, one day, hope to join the amazing Children’s team.”

-Beth Steigauf, rehab volunteer

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