Thank You, Volunteer Trainers!

Can you believe that we’ve had over 140 new volunteers joining us here at Children’s Hospital over the past couple of months!?!

New volunteer badges, all ready to go!

Our summer volunteer program for students is well underway. The final orientation session has taken place, and all of our volunteer training sessions will soon be complete. Thanks to our rockstar volunteer trainers, new volunteers have been ‘learning the ropes’ and will be confident regulars in no time!

Each new volunteer spends time with an experienced volunteer before beginning their regular weekly volunteer shift. This ‘training shift’ gives new volunteers the opportunity to ask questions, learn their way around the hospital, and become familiar with their new volunteer role!

Trainer Eric Gustafson with trainees Vanessa Samuelson and Emily Holdahl. Eric has trained a total of 12 new volunteers in the past month! WOW!

Thank you to our awesome volunteer trainers for passing along your knowledge and passion for Children’s Hospital! You’re amazing!

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