Guest Blogger: Kelly Jordan, Emergency Department Volunteer

Mindy Teele, ED child life specialist, and Kelly Jordan

Kelly Jordan is a current volunteer in the Children’s-Minneapolis emergency department who, after reading other volunteers’ blog profiles, decided to submit one of her own!  (Thanks, Kelly!)   Read on to learn more about her volunteer experience thus far…

“Toward the end of 2012, I heard that Children’s Hospital was accepting volunteer applicants—and I couldn’t apply fast enough! I remember it was during the holiday season, and I really wanted to do something that would let me give back to the community. I knew that I wanted to volunteer somewhere special where I got to work with children, which made Children’s Hospital the perfect fit for me!

After fulfilling the necessary requirements and completing an interview process, I was raring to get started, to say the least! The ball really started rolling after I attended the on-site orientation session, which was really cool. It gave me the opportunity to learn about Children’s Hospital and what makes it a special place, and let me connect me with other volunteers, who happened to be a lot like me!

After orientation, it was on to the Emergency Department, where I was teamed up with my trainer, Candace [Tacandrya Evans of Patient Registration].  She’s really an awesome person to work with! She works as a patient registration trainer and taught me all about the Emergency Department. Not only has she been with Children’s Hospital for a while, but she has a strong understanding of everything that happens and where everything is.

Currently, I volunteer primarily in the Emergency Department. It’s fast-paced, fun, and presents me with many unique challenges. Between taking Truth Point surveys, making sure patients have toys, and keeping siblings entertained, my time at the hospital flies by quickly! I usually hang out with Mindy [Teele], a Child Life Specialist in the ED. She is a ball of fun. She moves quick and always has a project for me to do. Her positive attitude is contagious (ha! I couldn’t resist!). From things to do during down time to tricks of the trade when approaching families to knowing where things are located — the stuff you’ll need to know when helping families — her insights are so valuable. The Emergency Department, like many traditional patient floors, has a lot of moving parts and people. I get to interact with doctors, nurses, therapists and technicians. Everybody has their own responsibility to ensure that everything runs smoothly — the department really is a well-oiled machine! And, even though everyone is focused on the task at hand, they’re all very friendly and will always greet you with a warm, inviting smile.

I wanted to become a volunteer because I wanted to give back to the community, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Children’s Hospital. I look forward to each day I get to walk into the volunteer office, and truly love what I do here. The one piece of advice I would give future volunteers is to give as much as you can, meet people, ask questions and interact. Greet everyone with a smile, and go the extra mile every chance you can. This opportunity has been a blessing — I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

 Cheers, everyone!”

Thank you, Kelly, for your contagious good cheer!  We are lucky to have you!

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