Red-Vested Rockstar: Natalie Lunda


Children’s Volunteer Services presents: Red-Vested Rockstar!

Meet Natalie!

 1.   Why she ROCKS?!

 “I was a patient at Children’s Minneapolis in the 90’s; when I went to High School, I decided to see the hospital from a different angle and volunteer! I took a brief break during college, but after I graduated last year, I was excited to return to volunteering at Children’s. I carpool with my mom who volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House! I just LOVE working with children and plan to continue that in my career as a Child Life Specialist!”

 2.   Favorite thing to do outside of volunteering?

 “I love listening to all kinds of music and spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy skiing (downhill, cross-country, and water), biking, nannying, climbing, archery, and photography. Oh, and traveling! I’ve been to Spain and India. Eventually, I hope to visit many more cities and countries!”

 3.   Do you have any kids or pets of your own?

 “I have a Yellow Lab named Earl, a Cairn-Westie Terrier named Lester, and a Flat-Coated Retriever named Chase. On top of that, I also have been cat-sitting for family members while they live in India for another year!” 

 4.   If you could create a new candy bar, what would be in it and what would you name it?

 “Half of the candy bar would be mint chocolate brownie, and the other half would be salted caramel dipped in chocolate. That way, you can eat half at one time, and then save the rest for later. It would be called ‘The Stellar Duo’.”

 5.   Share a favorite volunteer experience or story:

 “Every volunteer shift at Children’s is memorable, whether I am holding a baby, taking a patient for a stroll, or playing games with kids. One day, I was sent to a patient room to spend time with a baby while parents took a much deserved break. This was the first time the parents would be leaving their baby to take a break, so as you could imagine it was very difficult for them to do. I spent the rest of my shift playing with the baby, taking her for a stroll in the hallway, and simply holding her. When her dad came back to the room, he told me how grateful he was that someone was with their child until one of them returned.”

 Thanks, Natalie, for offering your compassionate spirit to the patients and families we serve!


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