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Safe travels: tips for families with LGBTQ+ members

Everyone deserves to have a safe and happy vacation this summer. We’ve got some travel tips for LGBTQ+ folks and their families.

Transgender Day of Visibility: Call me Kade.

To celebrate TDOV, I'm making parts of my identity and journey more visible. It’s not just transgender and non-binary folks who have a gender journey — we all do.

Minnesota as a trans refuge state: Our arms are open, but they are full.

We’ve already taken the first step – protecting essential health care for transgender and gender diverse youth in Minnesota. Now let’s take the next step and make that care accessible.

The pronoun display that (almost) wasn’t

Peter Pearson, Children's Minnesota employee, shares the story of how our Pronoun Galaxy was born, saved and is now on display at our Minneapolis campus.

The most wonderful time of the year…or is it?

There’s no “one size fits all” way to approach potentially challenging family gatherings with your LGBTQ+ child, but there are several ways parents can help.

Are you a mommy or a daddy?

Being a transgender parent brings with it many gifts, and a few challenges. But there are some surprisingly small, simple things we can all do to support transgender parents and their kids.

Creating safe schools for all students

Bullying is still a significant issue for students. The number one reason students are bullied, in Minnesota and across the country, is around issues of sexual orientation and non-conforming gender behaviors and dress. Here are four ways parents and kids can counteract bullying.

“Lean on those who love you.” A mother and daughter share personal stories, and a bit of advice, for National Coming Out Day.

“Being able to be open and honest with myself and others was the best part” about coming out, says Fiona Donnelly. National Coming Out Day is Oct. 11. In honor, Fiona and her mom, Kris, who both work at Children’s Minnesota, share what Fiona’s coming out was like — and some unexpected things they learned along the way.

How to create a safe place for LGBTQ+ family and friends: some tips and resources

Are you wondering how to create a safe place for your family and friends to show up as their authentic selves? Here are some tips and resources.

Dear Blue Jay: A letter to my 4-year-old trans daughter

Peter Pearson, Children's Minnesota employee, shares a letter to his 4-year-old trans daughter.