#WhyIWalk for Amazing stories

Each participant and team at Walk for Amazing has a unique story of what brought them to walk and raise funds for Children’s Minnesota. Read just a few of their stories and see how you can share your own #WhyIWalk story.

Children’s Minnesota nurses join together to Walk for Amazing

Emily Machones, RN and Megan Vanderheyden, RN of the PICU in Minneapolis have joined together to support the patients they care for every day. By: Emily Machones, RN PICU Minneapolis  “Walk for Amazing is a great event bringing all of Children’s Minnesota together. Working in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Minneapolis, we often see patients … Continued

Why I Walk for Amazing: Stella & Nora

This story appears in our #WhyIWalk blog series Jamie remembers The Mother Baby Center at Children’s Minnesota in Minneapolis had opened only a few weeks before she arrived there to give birth to her first daughter, Stella. Weeks prior, at the 20-week ultrasound, doctors discovered Stella had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), which is a hole … Continued

Why I Walk for Amazing: Elsie’s Story

This story appears in our #WhyIWalk blog series Parents Paul and Spencer welcomed their daughter, Elsie, in October of 2012. Though Paul, local radio station Cities 97 host, admits being first-time parents meant feeling like they didn’t have many answers, they knew something wasn’t right when Elsie hadn’t passed any stool after turning one week … Continued

Why I Walk for Amazing: Evan’s Story

This story appears in our #WhyIWalk blog series Evan was six months old when his parents, Jeremy and Lindsay, noticed he appeared to be struggling to breathe. They brought him to the doctor’s office, where the pediatrician ordered a routine x-ray and discovered Evan’s left lung was entirely collapsed. After being rushed via ambulance to … Continued

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