(PDF)   EMR Message Center for Professional Staff
(PDF)   Provider IPON Requirement
(PDF)   AMiON Centralized Online Call Schedule
(PDF)   How Do I Add/Remove Favorites
(PDF)   How Do I Status, Level of Care, Bed charging for UOCs
(PDF)   On the Record - January
(PDF)   OTR April 2014 Ambulatory Summary Changes
(PDF)   OTR April 2014 Blood Pressure Percentile
(PDF)   OTR April 2014 Care Team tab
(PDF)   OTR April 2014 CVS Print Sign
(PDF)   OTR April 2014 Education PF Falls Prevention
(PDF)   OTR April 2014 Inpt PreOp Assessment PF
(PDF)   OTR April 2014 Message Center Outstanding Orders
(PDF)   OTR April 2014 Restraints IView
(PDF)   OTR April Monthly 2013 Charge Viewer Settings
(PDF)   OTR April Monthly 2013 On-Q Pain Pump Documentation
(PDF)   OTR April Monthly 2013 PreOp Assessment Reminder
(PDF)   OTR April Monthly 2013 RCAT
(PDF)   OTR August 2014 Chaplaincy Information Update
(PDF)   OTR August 2014 Clinical Summary and Clinical Workflow
(PDF)   OTR August 2014 Family History
(PDF)   OTR August 2014 Lifetime Clinical Team
(PDF)   OTR August 2014 Patient Status, Level of Care and Bed Charging
(PDF)   OTR August 2014 PreOp Assessment PF
(PDF)   OTR August Upgrade 2013 Allergy Documentation
(PDF)   OTR August Upgrade 2013 Depart
(PDF)   OTR August Upgrade 2013 Document med by History
(PDF)   OTR August Upgrade 2013 ePrescribe
(PDF)   OTR August Upgrade 2013 Immunizations
(PDF)   OTR August Upgrade 2013 Medication Reconciliation
(PDF)   OTR Dec Monthly 2012 Central Line Dressing
(PDF)   OTR Dec Monthly 2012 I&O Update
(PDF)   OTR Dec Monthly 2012 Summary and QV Changes
(PDF)   OTR Dec Monthly 2012 Surgi IntraOp Changes
(PDF)   OTR Feb Monthly 2013 Brain Death LifeSource
(PDF)   OTR Feb Monthly 2013 IView I&O
(PDF)   OTR Feb Monthly 2013 mCDS
(PDF)   OTR Feb Monthly 2013 MPage Updates
(PDF)   OTR Feb Monthly 2013 Oreder Preferences
(PDF)   OTR Feb Monthly 2013 Preop Assessment
(PDF)   OTR Feb Monthly 2013 Silent Dose Calculator
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 Admission History PF Updates
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 Ambulatory Summary Family History
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 Insulin Documentation
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 Manual Expedite
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 Neonatal Daily Parent Update
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 New Medication Alerts
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 PIV IView Procedural Sedation
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 Precaution Order Pre Assessment PF
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 Problem List
(PDF)   OTR February 2014 Restraints Order
(PDF)   OTR January 2014 Ambulatory Summary
(PDF)   OTR January 2014 Anticoagulant Alert
(PDF)   OTR January 2014 Withdrawal Assessment Scoring
(PDF)   OTR July 2014 Ambulatory Summary
(PDF)   OTR July 2014 Application Site for Topicals
(PDF)   OTR July 2014 Asthma Action Plan
(PDF)   OTR July 2014 Behavioral Health
(PDF)   OTR July 2014 DME PowerPlans
(PDF)   OTR July 2014 High Drug Level Rule
(PDF)   OTR July Monthly 2013 Discharge Summary
(PDF)   OTR July Monthly 2013 Discharge Summary-2
(PDF)   OTR July Monthly 2013 Flowsheet Colors
(PDF)   OTR July Monthly 2013 IntraOp RN
(PDF)   OTR July Monthly 2013 MyChildren's Enrollment Update
(PDF)   OTR July Monthly 2013 Social and Family History
(PDF)   OTR July Monthly 2013 Weight PowerForm
(PDF)   OTR June Monthly 2013 Lab Label
(PDF)   OTR June Monthly 2013 Message Center
(PDF)   OTR June Monthly 2013 Remove None Order Sentence
(PDF)   OTR March 2014 Behavioral Management
(PDF)   OTR March 2014 Clinic Visit Summary
(PDF)   OTR March 2014 Falls Screening
(PDF)   OTR March 2014 Overview Tab being Removed
(PDF)   OTR March 2014 Patient Home Summary
(PDF)   OTR March 2014 Point of Origin and DC Disposition
(PDF)   OTR March 2014 Preop Assessment PowerForm
(PDF)   OTR March 2014 Problem List
(PDF)   OTR March Monthly 2013 Death Record Form
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 Additions to Preop Powerforms
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 Alert of Dup Therapeutic Class Med
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 Care Team Tool Update
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 External Order for all Rehab Orders
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 High BP Alert
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 New Medication Ordering Functions
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 Outstanding Orders
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 Print Sign Button on CVS
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 Quick Links in Amb Summary and Workflow
(PDF)   OTR May 2014 Quick Orders Page Updates
(PDF)   OTR May Monthly 2013 Autonomic Instability Alert
(PDF)   OTR May Monthly 2013 Blood Pressure Percentile
(PDF)   OTR May Monthly 2013 Clinic Visit Summary
(PDF)   OTR May Monthly 2013 Summary Mpages
(PDF)   OTR Nov Monthly 2012 Advanced Graphing
(PDF)   OTR Nov Monthly 2012 Clinic Changes
(PDF)   OTR Nov Monthly 2012 Consults Progress Notes
(PDF)   OTR Nov Monthly 2012 Drug Drug Interaction
(PDF)   OTR Nov Monthly 2012 Power Search
(PDF)   OTR Nov Monthly 2012 Surgeon Case Time
(PDF)   OTR November 2013 Lab Charges
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2014 Amb Organizer Updates
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2014 Amb Reminder Routing in Message Center
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2014 Feeding Restriction IView Transfer Banc
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2014 IView Catheter Care
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2014 IView Safety Check
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2014 Patient Discharge Summary
(PDF)   OTR October 2013 Inpatient Preop Assessment
(PDF)   OTR October Endo GL 2013 Amb Organizer for Endo
(PDF)   OTR October Endo GL 2013 Amb Organizer Whats New
(PDF)   OTR October Endo GL 2013 Endo Referral Orders
(PDF)   OTR October Endo GL 2013 External Orders
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Amb Organizer
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Amb Summary
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Banner Bar
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Clinic Visit Summary
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Diabetic DME
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 ED Script Routing
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Free Text Allergies
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Future Orders
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 IntraOp SurgiNet
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Lab Letters
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Medication Reconciliation Updates
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Order Communication Types
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Order Search Types
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Patient Encounters
(PDF)   OTR September 2013 Problem List
(PDF)   Preparing Reference Rad Registrations
(PDF)   RadTech Contrast Process
(PDF)   SurgiNet Circulators User Guide
(PDF)   SurgiNet for Billers User Guide
(PDF)   Adding/Removing a Link on Your Cerner Toolbar
(PDF)   AO-Provider Charge Entry
(PDF)   Case Tracking Event Icons Job Aid
(PDF)   Children's EMR View
(PDF)   Historical Medications
(PDF)   How do I Add,Cancel Reactivate an Allergy/Side Effect
(PDF)   How do I Add,Cancel Reactivate an Allergy/Side Effect-2
(PDF)   How do I document actions relating to critical results?
(PDF)   How Do I Document the use of Restraints?
(PDF)   How Do I Large Volume Intermittent Meds IAware
(PDF)   How Do I Re-Label IP Meds
(PDF)   How to Copy Orders From a Previous Encounter
(PDF)   iAware Upgrade Aug 2015
(PDF)   Job Aid - Order Entry Steps for ED UORC Staff
(PDF)   Learn BCMA labels
(PDF)   Learn Neo BCMA labels
(PDF)   Narcotic Wasting at the Bedside
(PDF)   Order Entry for Inpatient UOC Staff
(PDF)   Peritoneal Dialysis Online Documentation
(PDF)   Plan of Care Process
(PDF)   Practice Logins for LEARN
(PDF)   Reschedule Medication Doses
(PDF)   SurgiNet: Schedule Colors Job Aid
(PDF)   SurgiNet: Who Initiates a PowerPlan? Job Aid
(PDF)   User Guide for ED RNs: Set Up FirstNet for Your Login
(PDF)   User Guide for Inpatient RNs: Set Up PowerChart for Your Login
(PDF)   VascularAccess-CorrectingDocumentation
(PDF)   VascularAccess-NonCentral
(PDF)   VascularAccess-SimplePIV
(PDF)   Virtual Help Desk - Children's EMR Tip Archive
(PDF)   Kronos Quick Reference for RNs
(PDF)   Manager Self Service User Reference Guide for Hiring Managers
(PDF)   AO-Dynamic Doc dot-phrases reference
(PDF)   AO-Simple Clinic Note
(PDF)   Batch Charge Entry, ProFit Charge Entry, and Charge Viewer - JOB AID
(PDF)   Batch Charge Entry, ProFIT Charge Entry, Charge Viewer LEARN Practice
(PDF)   Cap Man - Clinical - Set Up Filters - Replaced
(PDF)   Cap Man - Clinical First Time Setup
(PDF)   Cap Man - Custom Bed Board List
(PDF)   Cap Man - HNS - Set Up Filters
(PDF)   Cap Man - RN/UOC/PAS - Set Up Filters
(PDF)   Cap Man - RN/UOC/PAS - Set Up Filters-2
(PDF)   Cap Man Clinical How to find training
(PDF)   Cap Man First-Time Setup - EVS
(PDF)   Cap Man Processes - Clinical
(PDF)   Cap Man Processes - EVS
(PDF)   Capacity Management Icons
(PDF)   Capacity Management: How to find a patient after discharge
(PDF)   Cheatsheets for Contract Authors
(PDF)   Clinic wi-fi network - PIP
(PDF)   CMIO August 2016 Blood Transfusion
(PDF)   CMIO August 2016 DNAR POLST
(PDF)   CMIO August 2016 POLST Validation
(PDF)   CMIO August Cytogenetics Interface
(PDF)   CMIO May 2016 - Surescript
(PDF)   CMIO Oct 2016 Outside Record Viewer
(PDF)   CMIO Orders Search Oct 2016 Upgrade
(PDF)   CMIO Patient Education Oct 2016 Upgrade
(PDF)   CMIO Patient Preferred Pharmacy Oct 2016 Upgrade
(PDF)   CMIO PRN Dispense Quantity Oct 2016 Upgrade
(PDF)   CMIO Provider Modify Notification Oct 2016 Upgrade
(PDF)   CMIO Sept 2016-Metabolic Screen Alert
(PDF)   CMIO Sept 2016-TPN Dextrose
(PDF)   CMIO Sept 2016-WeightBasedDosing
(PDF)   Creating a new personal autotext (.dotphrase)
(PDF)   Cross-Campus Transfer
(PDF)   FirstNet Status and Event Icons
(PDF)   Guide for Contract Approvers
(PDF)   Guide for Read-Only Users
(PDF)   How Do I Customize Flowsheet View
(PDF)   How do I Set up the Appbar
(PDF)   July 2016- CMIO Admit order clarification
(PDF)   July 2016- CMIO Changes to Surgical Line Placement
(PDF)   July 2016- CMIO Simplfied Messaging
(PDF)   June 2016 - CMIO Case Mgmt Discharge
(PDF)   June 2016 - CMIO Lactobacillus
(PDF)   June 2016 - CMIO Outside Records
(PDF)   June 2016 - CMIO Stimulant Ordering
(PDF)   June 2016 - CMIO Vascular Access Indwelling
(PDF)   Lifetime Clinical Team reference
(PDF)   May 2016 Clinical Highlights
(PDF)   Medical Cannabis order, problem, alert
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016AmbOrganizer
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016CollapsibleNavigator
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016Icons
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016MARDoseDisplay
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016PtListLocation
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016PtListLookup
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016PtListMedicalService
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016SummaryPageHealthMaint
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016ToolbarIcons
(PDF)   OctUpgrade2016WFSummary-TaginViewer
(PDF)   On The Record Aug 2015
(PDF)   On the Record July 2015
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 - Advance Directive
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 - Ambualtory LAB status
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 - CapMan EDV icon and Transfer tab
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 - Clinical Hilites
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 - Critical Care Consent process
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 - Immunizations
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 - NKMA for MU
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 - Patient Education Update
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 - Patient Preferences
(PDF)   OTR April 2016 -Diet Order
(PDF)   OTR April Release 2015 AO Attachments
(PDF)   OTR Aug 2015 Amb Wheelchair weight
(PDF)   OTR Aug 2015 Emergency Drug Sheet
(PDF)   OTR Aug 2015 Patient/Family Discharge Summary
(PDF)   OTR August 2016 - CMIO Intro Letter
(PDF)   OTR August 2016 - ECMO+ORLinkinRoutineTransfusion
(PDF)   OTR August 2016 - Electronic Routine Transfusion
(PDF)   OTR August 2016 - Indwelling
(PDF)   OTR August 2016 - MDI+BulkLabelsDischarge
(PDF)   OTR August 2016 - OTR DNAR POLST Reminders
(PDF)   OTR August 2016 - PregBirthHx
(PDF)   OTR August 2016 - Spiritual
(PDF)   OTR August 2016 - WARM
(PDF)   OTR August 2016-PatientFamilyEducation
(PDF)   OTR Dec 2015 After Care Instructions
(PDF)   OTR Dec 2015 CapMan Update Bed Status
(PDF)   OTR Dec 2015 Chlamydia Health Maint
(PDF)   OTR Dec 2015 Clinic Visit Summary Med List
(PDF)   OTR Dec 2015 External Referral Orders
(PDF)   OTR Dec 2015 Interventional radiology orders - RN
(PDF)   OTR Dec 2015 IV Tylenol
(PDF)   OTR Dec 2015 Transfer documentation in IView
(PDF)   OTR Dec 2015 XRay name changes for 2016
(PDF)   OTR Feb 2016 Bronchiolitis Guideline
(PDF)   OTR Feb 2016 Cap Man EKG Telemetry icon
(PDF)   OTR Feb 2016 Glucose fields removed
(PDF)   OTR Feb 2016 Infusion patients
(PDF)   OTR Feb 2016 Re-Label Rx for Home Use
(PDF)   OTR Feb 2016 Stedman's- Neysas pdf
(PDF)   OTR Feb 2016 Tagging for RNs-footnotes
(PDF)   OTR Feb 2016 Vaccination VIS Reference
(PDF)   OTR Jan 2016 Amb-Amb Organizer
(PDF)   OTR Jan 2016 Amb-Chart Completion
(PDF)   OTR Jan 2016 Amb-Lipid Screening
(PDF)   OTR Jan 2016 Clinical Highlights
(PDF)   OTR Jan 2016 ClinMPage57-Tabs
(PDF)   OTR Jan 2016 Fall Prevention and Mgmt
(PDF)   OTR Jan 2016 WARM assessment
(PDF)   OTR Journey to Home Open Lab Schedule
(PDF)   OTR July 2015 Activity View Topicals
(PDF)   OTR July 2015 Contact Info Display
(PDF)   OTR July 2015 Hickman Brovia central line repair
(PDF)   OTR July 2016 - Care Summary Report
(PDF)   OTR July 2016 - Make columns wider on flowsheets
(PDF)   OTR July 2016 - Missing Admit Order Notice
(PDF)   OTR July 2016 - Missing Admit Order Notice-2
(PDF)   OTR July 2016 - Patient Education July
(PDF)   OTR July 2016 - PreOp Asessement Form
(PDF)   OTR June 2016 - Banner Bar
(PDF)   OTR June 2016 - Case Mgmt Disch PF Hem Onc
(PDF)   OTR June 2016 - Dynamic Vascular Access
(PDF)   OTR June 2016 - Dynamic Vascular Access - pull into view
(PDF)   OTR June 2016 - Home Routines Adm Hx
(PDF)   OTR June 2016 - IV Pharmacy labels
(PDF)   OTR June 2016 - Problem List
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - Amb - Depo Health Maint
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - Asthma Action Plan
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - Cap Man Isolation pt attribute
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - Cerner updates
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - Difficult airway problem list
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - DNAR Polst
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - Effluent Intake
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - Ideal Body Weight
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - Orthostatic BP
(PDF)   OTR Mar 2016 - PICU/CVCC Planned Intubation Phased
(PDF)   OTR May 2016 - Birth Preg Hx
(PDF)   OTR May 2016 - CMIO Allergy Entry SImplified
(PDF)   OTR May 2016 - CMIO antibiogram
(PDF)   OTR May 2016 - CMIO Discharge Med Rec
(PDF)   OTR May 2016 - CMIO Radiol Testing Alert
(PDF)   OTR May 2016 - Lifetime CLinical Team
(PDF)   OTR May 2016 - NonClinician Powerform - Amb
(PDF)   OTR May 2016 - Order Communication Types
(PDF)   OTR Nov 2015 After Care Instruction KidsHealth
(PDF)   OTR Nov 2015 Amb Update
(PDF)   OTR Nov 2015 DC electronically signed by
(PDF)   OTR Nov 2015 Dr Notes 18-mo -To CMIO
(PDF)   OTR Nov 2015 Home Routines removed
(PDF)   OTR Nov 2015 Immunizations schedule
(PDF)   OTR Nov 2015 Med Orders
(PDF)   OTR Nov Ambulatory Status report
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2015 BMI
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2015 KidsHealth
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2015 PHQ9 and HPV
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2016-Amb-ComfortMeasures
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2016-BoneAge
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2016-CapManUpgrade
(PDF)   OTR Oct 2016-PtEducationTitles
(PDF)   OTR Problem List Conversion Complete
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2015 DNAR Changes
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2015 iAware location mapping
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2015 OOS Medical Marijuana
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2015 Pharmacy Labels
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2016-AmbHealthMaintAntipsychotic
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2016-ClinHilites
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2016-IdealWt-OrthoPress
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2016-Malnutrition Documentation
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2016-NSAID-Aspirin
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2016-Spiritual
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2016-TherapeuticField
(PDF)   OTR Sept 2016-UAC and Press
(PDF)   Patient Acuity Reference
(PDF)   PDF Video Test
(PDF)   Printing/Faxing Medical Record Request (MRR) Documents
(PDF)   Problem List on WorkFlow Summary
(PDF)   Provider DNAR+OTR-2
(PDF)   Sending Confidential Information in Secure Email
(PDF)   Transcriptionists-Customize the Clinical Summary
(PDF)   Using Children's Laptops
(PDF)   Using Lifetime Clinical Team Information
Next Flavor
(PDF)   Ambulatory - Dragon common questions
(PDF)   Doc Med by Hx - Certificate of Completion
(PDF)   Dragon - Add remove word from Dragon Vocab
(PDF)   Dragon - Changing toolbar location
(PDF)   Dragon - Correct a Word or Phrase
(PDF)   Dragon - Create Custom Command
(PDF)   Dragon - DragonBar
(PDF)   Dragon - Edit Copy Standard Template Command
(PDF)   Dragon - Edit Custom Command
(PDF)   Dragon - How to Use the Dictation Box
(PDF)   Dragon - Tipsheet
(PDF)   Dragon - Working Offline
(PDF)   FirstNet Downtime User Guide
(PDF)   Helpful Dragon Verbal Commands
(PDF)   VSync tips
(PDF)   GE MUSE Downtime for Special Diagnostics/Respiratory Care
(PDF)   Groupwise 2012 - Folders in Cabinets
(PDF)   How Do I Document Vascular Devices?
(PDF)   Materials Management User Guide for HighJump
(PDF)   Remote access-Change Password
(PDF)   Remote access-Mac Citrix
(PDF)   Remote access-Mac RDC
(PDF)   Remote access-Mac Setup
(PDF)   Remote access-VIP Access Guide
(PDF)   Remote access-Win Citrix
(PDF)   Remote access-Win PACS
(PDF)   Remote access-Win RDC
(PDF)   Remote access-Win Setup
(PDF)   ServiceDesk End User Overview for Applications page
(Office)   Medical Education Orientation
(Office)   Medical Education Orientation-2
(Office)   OrientationFINAL