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Blood Transfusion Identification

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Why does my child need to wear an ID band?

A blood sample will be obtained from your child before your child's surgery or scheduled transfusion. This sample will be used in a lab test called a type and crossmatch. This test determines your child's blood type and compatibility with a donated unit of blood.

An identification (ID) band will be put on your child's arm or leg, or given to you at the time the blood sample is taken. This is a safety measure to help ensure that your child can be properly identified when blood products are given.

What should I do?

Be sure the ID band is on your child's arm or leg when you bring him or her to the hospital or clinic for the scheduled surgery or transfusion. If the band is removed by the child, it needs to be brought with you to the hospital on the day of admission; otherwise the sample will need to be collected again. Specific numbers on your child's ID band will need to be compared to the numbers on the blood bag before the blood can be given.


Keep in mind that the following will add extra time to your visit:

  • If the ID band is not with you upon arrival to the facility, a new blood sample will need to be collected to do another type and crossmatch.
  • If your child has had a transfusion since the last type and crossmatch, a new blood sample will need to be collected for an updated type and crossmatch.



If you have any questions, call the Blood Transfusion Service at:
Children's - Minneapolis: 612-813-6824
Children's - St. Paul: 651-220-6550

Reviewed 3/2018

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