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Car seat evaluation results

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Is my baby's car seat safe to use?

Home car seat: _________________________

___ Yes, only if used correctly. Read and follow the directions in the manuals for both your car and your car seat.

___ No. This seat should not be used because:

___ it does not fit your baby.

___ the seat is past the manufacturer's suggested date of use.

___ parts are missing:


___ other


___ We recommend this car seat instead:



___ Your baby needs padding added in the car seat for safe positioning. Use rolled up receiving blankets, small towels, or cloth diapers:

___ along both sides.

___ between the legs.

___ around the head.

Use the padding rolls marked in this picture

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If you have any questions, please call:

Children's - Minneapolis: 612-813-5846
Children's - St. Paul: 651-220-6256

For more information about car seats, these resources are available:

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