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Oral Food Challenge: Allergen list

Please bring the following food item with you on the day of your child’s Oral Food Challenge:

  • Peanut – JIF® or Market Pantry® Creamy peanut butter.
  • Peanut Introduction - For infants under 15 months, please bring Bamba peanut puffs. Available at or Lunds specialty food section.
  • Milk - Cow’s milk (any flavor, any %) at least 1 pint.
  • Soy - Soy Milk, any flavor at least 1 pint.
  • Egg White - Bring 2 Hard boiled eggs. May also bring a mix in such as applesauce, pudding, or yogurt that your child may like.
  • Baked Egg - Egg muffin recipe supplied by allergist.
  • Oats-Quick cook oats. Bring one 18-oz container.
  • Wheat-Hodgson Mills Cracked Wheat Hot Cereal. Bring one 18-oz box. Available in most grocery stores or
  • Rice - Bring 2 cups cooked white rice.
  • Almond - Please bring at least 3 oz shelled nuts from or
  • Brazil nut-in-shell from Please bring 3 oz of shelled nuts.
  • Cashew- One 7oz bag from Sunshine Nut Company
  • Hazelnut- In shell from Please bring 3 oz of shelled nuts.
  • Pecan - One 11-oz bag from
  • Walnut - In shell from Please bring 3 oz of shelled nuts.
  • Pistachio - One 16-oz bag Wonderful® Brand available in most grocery stores or
  • Tuna - Recommend Trader Joe’s® or Wild Planet® canned tuna. Bring one 5-oz can.
  • Salmon - Fresh or canned. For fresh, please bring at least 3 oz cooked. If canned, recommend Whole Foods® Canned Pink Salmon, Trader Joe’s® Canned Pink Salmon. Or BUMBLE BEE® Premium Pink Salmon Skinless & Boneless Pouch. Bring 1 6 oz can or 1 5-oz pouch.
  • Shrimp-Boiled with tails removed. Bring at least 3 oz cooked.
  • Cod - 2-3 ounces cooked.
  • Beef- Ground beef 80/20. Bring at least 3 oz cooked.
  • Chicken - Chicken breast, plain. Bring at least 3 oz cooked.
  • Pork - Pork tenderloin, plain. Bring at least 3 oz cooked.
  • Other:_____________________________________________

What else do I need to know?

Food should be unopened and in the original packaging unless nuts need to be shelled at home or food needs to be cooked.

Food must not be cross contaminated with other allergens. The above products have been verified, but each company’s processing protocol is subject to change, please check individual labels.

Please contact your allergist with questions.

Children’s Hospitalist Service and Sedation and Procedural Services, 612-813-6734.

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