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Concussion Clinic - Boredom Busters

Activities to keep your brain occupied while keeping it safe

  1. Put a puzzle together.

  2. Make a homemade pizza.

  3. Make homemade ice cream.

  4. Play with clay or Play-doh.

  5. Paint a picture.

  6. Learn how to knit or crochet.

  7. Listen to light music.

  8. Color in a coloring book.

  9. Play with Legos.

  10. Go for a walk in the park.

  11. Go fishing.

  12. Go to the zoo or wildlife center.

  13. Go camping - the backyard will do!

  14. Play cards.

  15. Start a scrap book.

  16. Make mud pies.

  17. Create a lemonade stand.

  18. Scavenger hunt.

  19. Start/keep a journal.

  20. Play ping-pong or table tennis.

  21. Play marbles.

  22. Play dominoes.

  23. Have a tea party (hot cocoa will do too!)

  24. Paint a piece of furniture (decorate).

  25. Make a smoothie.

  26. Build a fort using chairs, towels and/or old sheets.

  27. Draw, paint or create something.

  28. Make some art with sidewalk chalk.

  29. Make paper airplanes and have races.

  30. Play a board game.

  31. Play Charades.

  32. Go on a picnic-even if itis on the living room floor!

  33. Fly a kite.

  34. Play miniature golf.

  35. Visit a museum.

  36. Visit a botanical garden.

  37. Go berry picking.

  38. Blow bubbles.

  39. Play Chinese Checkers.

  40. Play I Spy.

  41. Play string games like cat's cradle.

  42. Do origami.

  43. Play with toys (dolls or cars).

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