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The Standard Fitness Challenge

Test your fitness, with friends, for Children’s! The Standard Fitness Challenge is a community fitness event that uses 10 body-weight exercises to measure your strength, power, speed and endurance against your friends, your city or yourself! Run, jump and sweat your way through the 10 exercises with the added motivation knowing each point you earn will go to helping Children’s Hospital. Each exercise is worth 100 points with a total of 1,000 up for grabs. We will be donating $.01 to Children’s Hospital for each point earned. That means, if you score 500 points, $5 will be donated on your behalf. Register as a team or go at it alone, either way, your sweat and effort will go to helping children.

The exercises were chosen to be safe, fun, challenging yet doable for most fitness levels. If there are any exercises you struggle with don’t worry about it. As Tony Hornton says, “try your best and forget the rest.”

To complete the 10 exercises takes just under 40 minutes. The exercises are:
Pull Ups | Sit Ups | Push Ups | Air Squats | Spidermans | Burpees | Sprints | Triple Jump | Run | Plank

Who: You, friends and family.
What: The Standard Fitness Challenge- A community fitness event.
Price: $25
When: 8:00am-12pm

Event Date and Time

January 1, 1970, 12 a.m. – 12 a.m.


Sartell Tennis Center
805 County Road #120
Sartell, MN 56303



$25 per person.

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