Child Life internship information

The child life internship program provides intense working experience in child life. We place an emphasis on candidates with a strong academic background in child development.

Required academic background

Candidates need to be a senior in college or have completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Suggested majors (may include but are not exclusive to):

  • Child life
  • Child development
  • Human growth and development
  • Child psychology

Required experience

The student must have:

  • Supervised involvement with healthy children (minimum of 100 hours)
  • Supervised involvement with children in the healthcare setting as a volunteer (minimum of 100 hours)
  • Solid understanding of child development through coursework and experience
  • Completion of child life coursework inclusive of the CLC required 6 applied areas of study
  • Completed the academic course work portion of the CLC eligibility assessment

Expectations of the student

The student will need to:

  • Commit to one full semester (15 – 16 weeks), 40 hours/week
  • Have a flexible schedule, including some weekends and evenings
  • Provide the clinical internship coordinator with a list of expectations and requirements from the university
  • Maintain contact with university supervisor
  • Complete required readings, weekly journal, final case study or project, and other assignments

Child life department responsibilities

We will provide:

  • A child life supervisor who will communicate with the student’s university supervisor
  • Weekly supervision meetings
  • Exposure to a variety of ages and diagnostic groups
  • A multi-disciplinary setting
  • Flexibility to tailor internship experience to student’s needs and interests
  • Normalizing and therapeutically-oriented interactions with patients and families
  • Opportunities for continuing education
  • Recommendations

We strongly suggest:

  • Students do not have an outside job during this internship
  • Applicants contact the Child Life Council to gain more information about the child life profession


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We work with children and adolescents to minimize the stress children can feel during hospital stays and other health care visits.

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