Non-clinical rotations

There are limited non-clinical rotations (also known as observerships and/or shadowing experiences) available at Children’s Minnesota. A non-clinical rotation is a learning experience that involves observation of the clinical activities of a member of the Children’s professional staff and involves no hands-on contact with patients. This experience takes place over a concentrated period of time and must have a specific sponsor who is a member of the professional staff.

Arranging a non-clinical rotation

To secure an observership through the Graduate Medical Education (GME) office, you must:

  • Be at the medical student level of training or higher
  • Find a member of Children’s professional staff to be your preceptor (sponsor)
  • Schedule your own observership dates with your preceptor and notify Graduate Medical Education of the proposed dates
  • Contact the site at least two weeks before the start of your non-clinical rotation to:
    • Confirm name and contact information for your preceptor
    • Request the link for online enrollment
    • Confirm the dates and times you will be observing


Please contact the GME coordinator at the campus site you are planning to observe for more information or with any questions.

If you are not a medical student

If you are seeking an observership, but are not yet enrolled in a medical school, find out about our Children’s Observer Program. For questions, contact [email protected].