Children’s Minnesota Telehealth Network services

Children’s Minnesota partners with health care systems and health care providers to deliver pediatric telehealth services. Health care providers and their patients can interact with pediatric clinical staff at Children’s Minnesota to access expertise and specialty care by means of real-time, interactive audio and visual tools.

About our telehealth services

As part of Children’s Minnesota Telehealth Network, your health care system, providers and their patients will have direct access to Children’s Minnesota specialty care and consultations using telecommunications technology. Provider to provider telemedicine consultations allows health care providers from different specialties to review patient cases, discuss diagnosis and treatment options delivering care closer to the child’s home.

Children’s Minnesota uses an encrypted, HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform called Vidyo. Participants will need a device enabled with a camera, speaker(s) and microphone to download and use Vidyo.

How to participate in our telehealth network

If you are interested in becoming part of the network, contact the telehealth team at Children’s  or call 612-813-6861 for more information.

Health care systems and providers should consider the following when evaluating if Children’s Minnesota Telehealth services are a good fit:

  • A clinical need for 20 or more telemedicine consultations annually
  • An interest in offering telemedicine consultations, or clinics where local access to pediatric specialties is limited or inadequate
  • Access to a local facility that can provide basic diagnostic testing and treatment
  • Ability to provide delegated credentialing assistance, when applicable
  • A technical contact within the organization familiar with telecommunications systems