Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota radiology department in conjunction with IT have purchased Nuance PowerShare, a new cloud-based technology that gives clinicians a quick and secure method for accessing and sharing of the medical images and reports they need for better decision-making, easier referrals and improved care coordination.

What are PowerShare’s benefits?

This new network technology provides numerous advantages to patients, clinicians and health care organizations:
  • Improved patient flow, communication and care
  • Immediate access to images for critically ill patients
  • View anywhere, anytime with secure mobile access
  • Reduces the need for CDs – minimizes costs, incompatibility issues and delays
  • Increased referrals
  • Proactive care/trauma team preparation
  • Management of transfer process
  • Specialist access to images immediately
  • More efficient and accurate consults
  • Reduce physician time
  • Provide patient access
  • Reduce HIPAA and patient privacy concerns

Have images or reports you need to share?

Utilize temporary access to immediately share images and reports. Click here for instructions.

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