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Sexual health: Preventing and treating HIV, STIs in adolescents and teens

The CDC estimates that consistently one-fifth of newly diagnosed people with HIV in the U.S. annually are adolescents and young adults. Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, chief education officer and medical director of the Gender Health program, and Dr. Katy Miller, medical director of the adolescent health program, share their thoughts about how to educate young patients to prevent STIs and stay safe.

New Year’s resolution: Ditch the weight loss talk

Many people’s New Year’s resolutions center around starting new habits and trying to get healthier. People often have a goal of losing a certain number of pounds or going to the gym a certain number of times. But Dr. Katy Miller suggests taking a different approach to resolutions with your kids.

In defense of Boston Children’s

Patients and families at children’s hospitals are under attack and that is not OK.  

What our students need this school year

How can we help our young people as they head back to school this fall? I asked two education kid experts to share their thoughts with us.

Tips for kids and parents to address mental health concerns linked to social media use

During Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Dr. Katy Miller, adolescent health specialist at Children’s Minnesota, broke down some of the key mental health concerns tied to social media.