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Supporting Children with Diabetes as They Grow

From young sprouts to adolescents, children may need different types of support to cope with diabetes. Read Child Life Specialists, Dagney and Schoni, guide to supporting your growing child by clicking here!

Child Life

Tips from Child Life for using minimally threatening language

To communicate accurate, complete information that is developmentally appropriate

Pet therapy

Music Therapy

It’s no secret that music can be uplifting and relaxing in any situation. A growing amount of evidence suggests that the power of music can also have significant benefits to patients (and their families) in clinical settings.

Child life specialists

Medical settings can be a new, unfamiliar or uncomfortable world for children and teens. As a result, caring for a child’s emotional health is crucial during their time at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

Child life zone

The Child Life Zone, located inside the St. Paul hospital, is a state of the art therapeutic play area where patients and their families can play, learn, laugh and relax. The Child Life Zone includes:


Faculty in the child psychology internship program are:

The ‘funnest’ place in the hospital

Children's patient Grace Vokaty loves the Child Life Zone.

A peek inside a music therapist’s cart: What do you do with all that stuff?

Some people have a bag of tricks, but our music therapists are lucky to have a whole cart.

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5 things you may not know about music therapy

In honor of Music Therapy Week, music therapist Erinn Frees gives us a look at her job at Children’s.