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Choosing Children’s: Sydney Mueller

“For a three-year period, clinics and hospitals became a routine place for my family and me.  My brother was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was just three years old, I was eight at the time.  Throughout these seemingly endless visits, the most vivid memories I have are of Children’s hospital.  I remember not being as upset about going into the big building, because there was always something exciting waiting on the inside.  At Children’s it wasn’t just doctors and needles, it was activity books and dollhouses.  Along with these luxuries came the most invaluable prize of all, my brother’s health.  My family and I are so very grateful for the wonderful treatment and attention the whole family was given.  When Children’s healed my brother, they healed my family.

Choosing Children’s: Rachelle Fletschock

Rachelle - once a patient at Children's - now volunteers to help other kids going through similar experiences.

Choosing Children’s: Emily Snowberg

Emily remembers many things about her experience at Children's - including reading books, therapy dogs, and volunteers that supported her and her family. Now she's giving back to Children's as a volunteer.

Choosing Children’s: Marilyn Quamme

Meet Marilyn Quamme, Children's Minnesota volunteer.

Choosing Children’s: Kate Hanley

Meet Kate Hanley, Children's Minnesota volunteer.

Choosing Children’s: Joyce Sidman

Meet Joyce Sidman, Children's Minnesota volunteer

Choosing Children’s: Tom Hayden

Meet Tom Hayden, Children's Minnesota volunteer.

Choosing Children’s: Stephanie Schoening

I feel like it is a privilege and a gift to help a family that needs it, and the best way to pay it forward.

Choosing Children’s: Becky Petro

Becky has had a personal connection to Children's since 1991, and now is a volunteer.