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Eating Disorders

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At the Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders, our expertly trained staff has experience with the full spectrum of eating disorders. These eating disorders can affect the lives of patients in different ways — and can stem from different causes — which is why we’ve developed the skills to provide children, adolescents and adults with treatments that are tailored to a person’s individual situation.

Eating Disorders

Not many people know just how serious eating disorders are. In the United States, 20 million females and 10 million males suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder, making it more common than acute lymphocytic leukemia or breast cancer. Eating disorders, the third most common chronic illness among teen girls, have a higher mortality rate than any other mental illness.

“Children’s Pedcast”: Dr. Daniel Le Grange discusses eating disorder symptoms, treatment

Drs. Beth Brandenburg and Julie Lesser of the Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders join the show.

What you may not know about eating disorders

You may think you know a lot about eating disorders, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to identifying and treating these serious conditions.