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sledding safety

5 tips for safe sledding

Sledding is a great way to spend time outdoors and be active in the winter months, so it’s important to highlight the safest ways to enjoy this fun sport.

Tips for a safe Halloween trick-or-treating experience

Tips and information for having a safe - and fun - Halloween with your kids.

Boundaries for safe play

Define safe boundaries for kids and play

Encouraging learning and exploration will increase your child’s confidence and creativity, and defining safe boundaries and rules will keep parents and kids happy.

Safety kids cars

Don’t leave kids in the car

Forgetting a child in the car can happen for one of two reasons: we don’t realize the danger, or we find ourselves distracted.

Life jacket

Life jackets greatly reduce risk of drowning

Life jackets provide significant protection for your little ones and help instill a culture of safety in your family.

“Children’s Pedcast”: Car seat safety with Dex Tuttle

Children's injury prevention program coordinator answers questions about car seat safety and explains how to properly install a child safety seat.

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5 tips for home and neighborhood safety

While your local barbecue or block party is a great time to reconnect with your neighbors and enjoy a potluck, it’s also a great chance to review home and neighborhood safety tips with your kids.

Sleds, skis, snowboards and skates: Stay safe with these tips

Minnesota winters bring with them plenty of opportunity for fun in the snow and on the ice, especially when kids are home from school.

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’Tis the season – for injury?

A new study found that, nationally, toy-related injuries are sending another child to the emergency room every three minutes.