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Patsy Stinchfield, PNP

“Children’s Pedcast”: Patsy Stinchfield on vaccines, infection prevention

Children's director of Infection Prevention and Control discusses a number of topics pertaining to immunizations.


When to vaccinate against measles

Our infection prevention team has received questions about the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine from concerned parents since measles began dominating national news coverage.

Opting out of vaccination is ‘recipe for outbreak’

Patsy Stinchfield of Children's Minnesota discusses the risks of opting out of vaccinations.

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Learn more about the measles and the MMR vaccine.

The facts about this year’s flu vaccine

Despite what some vaccination opponents have written and some media have reported, the drifted flu strain doesn't mean the vaccine doesn't work.

Beat the flu, get vaccinated

Influenza is a complex, tricky virus that is nearly impossible to predict.

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Ebola preparedness prompts teamwork, unlikely partnership

Children's staff and members of the American Sewing Guild team up to make Ebola-training hoods.

Helping kids make sense of Ebola

Your young child has seen or heard news coverage about Ebola, which has led to questions or noticeable worries from your little one. What do you do?

What parents need to know about Ebola

Many people have questions about Ebola, which has dominated news coverage in recent weeks.

Enterovirus Respiratory Illness

Enterovirus D68 (Respiratory Illness)

Enterovirus D68 is not a mystery virus – we see it every late summer/early fall. Learn about EV-D68 and enteroviruses in general.