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How to keep your kids safe as cases of the flu and RSV rise

Get tips from the kid experts on how to keep your kids safe as cases of the flu and RSV rise.

Where to get care for your kids as the flu, RSV and COVID-19 spread

Children’s Minnesota is experiencing an increase of patients with the flu, RSV and other respiratory illnesses in our emergency department (ED), walk-in clinics, outpatient pharmacy and primary care clinics.

How the flu led to 10 weeks of ECMO: 13-year-old Emmily’s story

After testing positive for Influenza B, Emmily worsened where she spent 10 weeks on ECMO, and 13 weeks in our PICU.

Why should my family get flu shots?

As we get closer to fall, we’re reminded that there’s another respiratory virus about to hit in addition to COVID-19 – influenza. And, once again, it’s more important than ever that you and your family get influenza vaccines this year.

Influenza sees record highs at Children’s Minnesota

Experts now consider the flu to be widespread in the US and Minnesota and it appears to be hitting kids harder. Children's saw 325 lab-confirmed influenza cases during the last week of December. We also saw more flu-related hospitalizations during this period. Normally, 10-15 children are admitted to our hospitals in a week, but the last week of December saw 28 new hospitalizations for the illness.