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Urinary Tract Stones

Urinary tract stones, which often are referred to as "kidney stones," are small, hard stones that can form in the kidneys, ureter, bladder, or urethra. These stones are relatively common in adults but are rare in children. When they occur in children, they may be caused by an underlying metabolic problem or an anatomical abnormality (such as a reconstructed urinary tract or a surgically augmented bladder.)


Born prematurely, Sam defies odds to go home

Young Sam has been through a multitude of challenges and undergone more surgeries and procedures than most people do in their entire life.

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Our nephrology program offers consultation on and management of a wide range of kidney diseases in children, including:

Nephrology Program

Kidneys are immensely important organs. They clean waste from the body, make urine, control blood pressure, help the body produce red blood cells and much more.