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Learning Disabilities

Everyone agreed Billy was ready for kindergarten. All through his preschool years, nursery school teachers, parents, relatives and friends described him as a bright, curious, and creative child. Billy had acquired a wealth of knowledge about the world around him, and was particularly interested in the workings of electronic devices. At the age of four he could disassemble a radio or watch and could reassemble it with no difficulty. He also was a mild-mannered, well-behaved child, and his parents’ expectations for his school performance were indeed very high. Their comment to family and friends was “this is a child who will thrive in school.”  

Chronic illness and teenagers

For teens with a chronic illness or disability, adolescence is a combination of a special developmental period and a difficult set of challenges. Adolescence is a unique developmental time characterized by emerging independence, rapid cognitive and physical growth, and the development of an identity. Peer relationships develop a special significance during adolescence. Chronic illness and disability impose physical limitations, often require repeat medical visits, and can involve complex medical treatments.

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