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Accessing other records

If you need documentation that is not included in the medical record, please contact the resources below. See what is usually included in a medical record.

Viewing medical records at Children’s

If your child has a complex condition or stays at the hospital for an extended time, it can be helpful to view the medical record from time-to-time. Reviewing the medical record can help you be an equal member of your child’s care team and ensure your child’s information is complete, correct and up-to-date.

Getting copies of medical records

Federal and state laws provide for the ability to obtain copies of medical records for a reasonable fee. Children's Minnesota supports your legal rights and gives you access to the medical record free of charge.

What’s in a medical record?

The medical record contains many documents. The documents listed below are usually most helpful to patients, parents and legal guardians.

Your medical records

Patients, parents and legal guardians have legal right to information about a patient's care. At Children’s Minnesota, we want to make that process clear and easy for you.

More than a medical record

There used to be a way to tell how sick a patient was by the size of their paper chart. Now that records are electronic, it is not that obvious.